Ppl call #Biden's 15 point lead over the orange man a "big gap". It's big enough to bet on Biden winning but it's not big enough for Americans to demonstrate to the world that they are good ppl on the whole. It's utterly disgusting that 40% of voters still today favor the incompetent, dishonest and bigoted scumbag.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo I think it might be worth keeping in mind that the voter participation is like 43%, or something around that figure. Sure, it might be higher this year, but not close to 100%.

Don't know why so many don't vote though.

I also think a lot of people vote for Trump for other reasons than them agreeing with him or even liking him.. Not saying I like it, just saying I don't think all Trump voters are "evil". Not like Biden is perfect either.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo Yes, agree with your last sentence there too. It does make me feel scared. :/ Something is wrong.

@human_equivalent the data shows that around 67% of those favoring Trump are enthusiastically voting for him b/c they like him. The same percentage of Biden supporters (~67%) favor Biden by default, out of hate for Trump not praise for Biden.

@human_equivalent so it boils down to 1 in 4 Americans liking Trump. It's too many. A racist & bigoted alt-right fringe nutter shouldn't have ~26% enthusiastic following in a population.

@human_equivalent i'm not sure if the polls manage to filter out non-voters, or if they're simply sampling /eligible/ voters. If it's the former, then indeed it's not as bad as 1 in 4.

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