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@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo Yes, agree with your last sentence there too. It does make me feel scared. :/ Something is wrong.

@aktivismoEstasMiaLuo I think it might be worth keeping in mind that the voter participation is like 43%, or something around that figure. Sure, it might be higher this year, but not close to 100%.

Don't know why so many don't vote though.

I also think a lot of people vote for Trump for other reasons than them agreeing with him or even liking him.. Not saying I like it, just saying I don't think all Trump voters are "evil". Not like Biden is perfect either.

@weirdwriter Cool, looking forward to reading it! I removed my Patreon account the other week actually.. got any low hanging fruit feedback about liberapay I might be able to look into maybe? Let's find out how easy it is to submit patches their way. :) None of their open GitHub issues is mentioning accessability what I can see..

How are you browsing the web? Can I try the same tools and see what happens maybe?

Looking for blind writers for an upcoming #CripLit anthology willing to write short stories about Artificial Intelligence. fill out this form. #MSWL #ShortStoryWL

Connecting RSS feeds to Mastodon question. 

I've been trying to connect my RSS feeds to Mastodon directly via IFTTT without it first going through Twitter. I'd like to create content warnings using Webhooks. Can smarter folks assist with this? I'd eventually like to Crosspost to Twitter, not from Twitter to Mastodon.

@weirdwriter Haha, wow. Nah, I'll put off signing up, but I'll gladly check it out when it reaches here. :)

@weirdwriter Oh wow, cool you work there. I don't know about payment solutions unfortunately, I which I knew a good privacy oriented one. All I know is that Patreon, PayPal, Visa and MasterCard are businesses I... we'll let's say I don't really like their business models.

Re I'll keep an eye on it and hope I'll find more content there later. My issue is that I read a lot of English books but regional limitations I don't understand prevent me from listening. Shrug.

@weirdwriter Looks very US centric unfortunately. I can't find as many books by Iain Banks, Ken MacLeod or Ann Leckie available in Sweden. Bummer.

@weirdwriter I deleted my Audible account a year ago, so happy about that. Are you using If so, how do you like it?

@Mayana Critical Role is made by professional voice actors as well. The podcast format doesn't work 100% for them though, a lot relies on seeing their visual acting, but they do offer it in podcast format. It's really fun and well made, but the audio quality in the beginnings of season/campaign 1 is awful, so I started watching season 2. That's what I suggest others do as well. :)

I'm on episode 95, and episode is like 4 hours. Eheh.

Love amateur stuff tho, re Sword & Quill.

@weirdwriter FYI your website has a tiny, comparatively hard to read, cookie policy box at the bottom of the screen. Why what I think is a personal blog needs cookies I don't know (but I understand you're using some kind of framework and probably haven't made that choice yourself). From what I can see I can't easily reject the cookies either.

Thought you might want that feedback. I've subscribed to updates via email. :)

@weirdwriter As recently as yesterday I thought about braille. I want to learn how to read with my fingers. Got any tips on where to get started?

I'm interested in alternative communication methods in general. I've been learning about electronics (like soldering and digital and analogue components) the last year. I'm interested in trying to make simple computers with only audio output instead of a screen etc. Braille would be fun too.

@yogthos Interesting, I never read up on AGPL before. I like the idea.

Not surprised by what Google's doing.

"Listen, I know how this is supposed to go. The knight gets past the dragon, rescues the–” they stopped abruptly with a frown.

“I know. There’s no gender neutral variant of princess. Frustrating, isn’t it?”

“Unfair, really,” they sighed. “Knight is a gender neutral term.”

“Well, kinda?” The knight shrugged. “Technically it’s male by default, like doctor, because it used to be a job women weren't allowed to do."

“Ugh. So patriarchal.”

“I know, right?”

#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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@Mayana Subscribed! Even if I already have a lot of Critical Role to catch up on.. :)

I think one of the most important things you can do, given the skills, for a software freedom future is: Make movies & other entertainment!

Seriously as long as we're relying on major corporations to entertain us, they will be pushing proprietary software & DRM on us.

Also it's a good way to communicate our concerns, but ultimately all that's important is to have (more) great DRM-free entertainment for all to enjoy!

No coding skillz required.

@alcinnz Just wanted to say it's really interesting reading your research and thoughts about accessibility. I have friends who work as.. whatever you call it, like transcribers maybe? Subtitles on the fly for TV stuff/streams and in person. I'll probably do some of that in the future. It's so important.

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