@aardrian Thanks, I have some reading to do.

If you don't mind me asking, do you have a favorite podcast when it comes to the quality of the transcripts?

If you have never seen the Braille keyboard on the iPhone, jump to about 0:42:

More info:

Remember many blind users use Screen Curtain to darken the screen for privacy and battery life, so this a great video to see the keyboard.
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I thought I would share how I, as someone who is visually impaired use my iPhone.☺️

Motel 6 settled for $12 million after giving info of 80k+ guests to ICE.

The company that owns Motel 6 now owns Ancestry•com.

If the Motel 6 debacle bothered you, expect the same from Ancestry•com. Your DNA data is not safe there.


@aardrian Do you know of any sites or communities where a person like me (another audience member) might contribute a transcript of their own to help out or something?

@onepict Both #peertube and #invidious do not have much developer documentation, just sparse, cryptic and incomplete notes on Gitbub.

#invidious believes in "documenting in the source code" (see my recent toot on that subject)

The #peertube project is particularly complex to understand, and yet #peertube is a software with a real social potential....

So I find it saddening that they don't open up their projects to outside contribution by properly documenting what they've developed so far...

RSS to Mastodon 

Arg! Still cannot get RSS to Mastodon working via IFTTT and webhooks. I would like to ditch the Twitter crossposter just to share my blog and portfolio posts. If anyone has some free time, let me know would love help with this

Was looking through the @elementary web site and came across a link to an EU store where you can get a laptop with linux called, erm, Laptop With Linux.

Neat site: laptopwithlinux.com


Edgy 6 word story 

He loved her. A good meal.

@matt I've been running my own server with federation for a few years now, if you want to set up federation between us to test what happens I think that sounds like fun.



@zatnosk Okay, thanks, I guess that makes sense.
Do we know what deals the musicians have outside of Denmark? Out of curiosity.

Apparently, the danish songwriter's union (KODA) is in conflict with Google over how much YouTube should pay musicians.

If you tomorrow suddenly can't listen to Volbeat, Aqua, D-A-D, or Alfabeat on youtube, it's because KODA hasn't allowed the current licensing deal to be extended.

This is your irregularly scheduled Scandinavian reminder to join a union!
(I'm a member of two; KODA is one of them)

To be clear, it's Google that's about to remove all danish music from YouTube, because KODA won't accept a 70% decrease in licensing payment to musicians.

The new deal they're trying to negotiate is a collective deal including Norwegian and Finnish songwriters unions too, so it may or may not include all music from Norway and/or Finland too.

This could include bands such as ABBA, Roxette, Ace of Base, Avicii, Nightwish, HIM, Arch Enemy, HammerFall, Opeth, Apocalyptica.

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They motherfucking did it. Google is now blocking everyone in Denmark from hearing Danish music on YouTube.

Everyone else can hear our music but us.

What The Fuck.

Article from Danish Songwriter's Union in Danish:

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@zatnosk I don't really understand why the music is available in other countries - why isn't it blocked everywhere? That doesn't add up to me.

Thanks for the link to koda.dk, I'll probably find some interesting reading on there.

Btw "manowar.social" gave me a laugh too, I'll have to check that out.

@weirdwriter Thanks, I'll check out NVDA and see if there's anything I can do about the a11y bugs. The bug reports don't look to frightening, let's find out what lurks underneath, and how hard it is to get a dev environment set up for liberapay.

Did my very first screen recording video. I've used ffmpeg and audacity.it was fun but a lot more work then I've thought.

Still I think to create further smaller videos about 5-15 min about PHP, web and TYPO3.

Any recommendations about creating those videos? I'll try to add subtitles, two audio tracks (English and German) and publish them on my page, as well as peer.tube and YouTube.com.

Does anyone know how to create text out of the audio track? For subtitles and text on website?

With the US mulling the decision to ban #tiktok, we should also consider banning #instagram and #facebook because they essentially do the same thing: piss all over your privacy while allowing you to be "connected" to people that atrophy helped you get rid of long ago.

Oh, wait, American companies that spy on people are okay and acceptable. It is different when the Chinese do it.

@thegibson That fence makes it look like you have a really sporty car. I dig it.

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