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I saw glimpses of communal self-defense classes before the pandemic and I gotta say, I wish this was more of a thing.

Practicing self-defense is one of the most revolutionary things you can do

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Sent an email to just giving my thoughts on tracking links in their newsletter. Got a quick response back that they don't use the tracking data and that they're just using the defaults.

They said that they will look into turning it off all together.


Now it's easier to discover our onion site, thanks to the new Onion-Location header supported by the @torproject browser! #MoreOnionsPorFavor

-services !

I just made my blog at available over TOR. It was a breeze.

Long addr below. If you visit the regular site with the onion browser, (or TOR addon), it will grab the Onion-Location HTTP header conf'd in nginx and let you know the website is available over TOR as well.

More on Onion-Location:
Blog entry about recent effort:


There is now a Mastodon instance for publishing scientists: FediScience.

Everyone is welcome from PhD student to professor, as well as researchers from outside of academia. You are welcome to stay afterwards, but it is also easy to change to another server.

There will be a lot of science talk on this server, but there is no need to only talk science

Boosts are appreciated to let others know about this new instance.

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I've long cautioned against the use of the "NonCommercial" variants of the Creative Commons licenses, because their restrictions are often more far-reaching than folks may realize (e.g., most free culture projects won't be able to use any content under those licenses).

@PeteForsyth has published a new essay that sharpens one aspect of that critique -- having a restriction with this level of ambiguity almost defeats the purpose of attaching a CC license at all:

Climate change explainer that doesn't make you feel guilt and despair. By my favorite video game reviewer, who also happens to be a chemist. (Seriously, I usually scroll past climate stuff because I'm convinced but feel powerless, and impotent outrage is not a healthy emotion to have a lot of.. this video taught me a ton while being so entertaining I would totally watch it again)

@GwenfarsGarden also i don't think you intended to request one but you're in the thread, you get one, those are the rules

If anybody is curious I've been a bit about in a since I've recently got myself some more serious server stuff.

The goal is for it to cover all kinds of things, like , traffic isolation (), VPN (), redundancy ( for instance), with and also specific software that I'm interested in, like , , solutions, with and all kinds of things.

The blog is found here:

Starting today, we're running a month-long campaign to raise awareness about onion sites, and if you enable Onion-Location on your site, you could win Tor swag!
Join us to make a more secure web! #MoreOnionsPorFavor

Read our blog for all the details:

I'm bothered by my feeling bothered and a bit uncomfortable with the furry art piece that greets you when first starting the Mastodon client. Hmm.

Not sure what to think. Mostly I feel old, I think.

"Perhaps software calamities like data breaches and dieselgate will raise the hackles of the public, such that the standards for software development will be revealed and, in time, reformed."

Most data breaches, like most car crashes, are not caused by engineering failures, but rather by operator failures. As for #Dieselgate, it wasn't a failure of anything but business ethics. Its proprietary software was doing exactly what it was designed to do, as ordered by the capitalists who paid for it.

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chatted with my kiwi friend earlier about how your space & mental health are interlinked, cos when I get depressed my room is a mess, and only yesterday I actually set it up the way I want it to - & hearing from my friend that he's glad I've sorted it out and that he deliberately didn't comment on it sooner because he knows when to give people space to work through their own shit... just mad respect for him, honestly. I'm glad to be surrounded by people who treat emotions and recovery maturely

Okay, my current goal for learning French - since right now! - is to be able to read the linked Wikipedia article and comfortably understand it.

No worries. Heh. I mean, I did take French for a year when I was 12.

Salut! I'm new here.

I love but I got tired of trying to host Mastodon myself, so I joined this one instead. It looks like a great place.

I've also always loved French, but haven't had the motivation or contacts to improve it. Maybe I'll give it a chance now.

I love art, breaking my own software and questioning norms. And a million other things.

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