I was looking at the layout and schematics of this 8-bit CPU built with TTL chips


What's remarkable about this is that it can run C-like programs (a subset of the C language)


Remember: the overpopulation myth is racist propaganda and you should never spread it


“every traumatized person is aware of the fact that irl they cant control what they come across. someone wanting to filter their online experience so they have one area where they’re not constantly coming across triggering content is only controversial if you’re a fucking asshole.”


from a white person, to white people: your opinion on race issues, basically doesn't matter. listen to the people who are affected by the issues instead, and use whatever platform you have to share their voices. instead of adding your own uninformed white people opinions.

:brain1: how can you be bisexual if there's more than two genders
:brain2: how can you be bilingual when there's more than two languages
:brain3: how can you be straight when there's more than one gender
:brain5: how can you have two eyes when there's more than two eyes

Hey guys, I had a super shitty day at work today, so I'm gonna make the same request I've made before in this situation

Please do some praxis today. Even something small. Steal something, plant something, give away something you don't use, dumpster dive, put up a flyer or a sticker or some graffiti, donate to the Antifascist Defense Fund or RIP Medical Debt or Mutual Aid Disaster Relief or the Kurdish Red Crescent, etc

Any small bit of good you put into the world will ripple out and make me just that tiny bit freer. And I promise I'll do the same for you some day soon


fun fact - despite graham linehan's name in the credits, the IT crowd was actually produced entirely by hatsune miku

except for that one really transphobic episode, that one really was linehan

actually there's an even easier chat protocol it's called going outside and talking to people

The #Glimpse project would like to wish all of our contributors, followers and end users "Happy Holidays" ☃️

In the space of six months we've gone from being a project whose "heart is in the right place but they're probably going to fail" to a very usable binary release for Windows and Linux that has been downloaded ~5000 times in its first month.

That was thanks to all of you, and we look forward to advancing the project even further in 2020. 🎉

and i pray at the altar of the holy trans dyke (selfie, no ec, boosts are gaaay)

Fuck JK Rowling and fuck TERFs and the replies and opinions to all of this shit is why you can't allow people to say their harmful shit unchallenged.

Help finding depictions of positive masculinity in media, Please boost 

Hey, so it's not too difficult to find games, movies, comics, etc that specifically depict powerful female protagonists and/or trans women because these works tend to specifically be labeled as such.

I have a friend, who is a trans man, that's trying to find works that depict inspiring male role models. He's trying to find works to better help him understand positive masculinity. Does anyone have any ideas?

mafia guys are always trying to get compromising info on boxers so they can extort them into throwing a fight

me? i just befriend the boxer. i learn all about their interests and hobbies. eventually, i ask them *politely* to take a dive in the 3rd round

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