Can you guess what the weather will be like here in a couple of hours?




Working in a hardware store has really shown me how much we need #OpenStructures

We have a whole wall of sockets for socket wrenches, around two dozen imperial and two dozen metric, and the differences between them are so minuscule that people have no choice but to bring the thing in and just keep trying sockets until one fits. And that's not even mentioning the whole aisle of different screws and nails. 90% of this stuff could just not exist, since they serve the exact same purpose as the other 10%

The solution is standardized, open-source #modularity. If you're one of the heroes building the new world (aka #makers) please make it a world that works with OpenStructures

Boosts appreciated :boost_ok:

pokemon go to the polls is still the funniest thing in the world. all our memes pale in comparison to hillary's masterpiece

there are sexcam scams on Mastodon too!
A couple of bots from direct messaged me with a link to (the three Ns were numbers). The site did NOT look legit.

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Ok alors RJ Palmer, qui a fait de magnifiques artwork de pokémons réalistes, a travaillé sur le film. Ça explique des trucs.

Des images de ses magnifiques représentations quand même :

After decades of having "Totally not Christian Crusader" clerics and paladins, I think someone really needs to introduce the hit new D&D class... a "Totally not Jewish Scholar" who gains power from debating the interpretation of an impossibly vast and sometimes contradictory collection of divine law. #DnD, #Judaism

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my math professor:

- keeps saying "hell yeah, baby"

- writes "function" as "FUNction" with the corresponding emphasis and pause when he writes it

- went "eugh, robots" when someones siri went off in their pocket

- said "you see that show tidying up with marie kondo? every single one of these sparks joy in my heart" while going over a bunch of example problems

- said "we're gonna go ham on this then" while factoring a polynomial

Ok, I feel like I really need to ask: who are the ? Where can I find accurate information on the movement?

for me anarchism is a balance between "UwU peace and harmony" and "if you even think about dominating others I am going to erase you from time"

"so you think you can love me and leave me to die," i say to a baby. "oh baby, how can you do this to me baby." i jump out the nearest window. "just gotta get out, just gotta get right out of here."

Honestly seeing the Oscar's happening in front of me gave me a totally different perspective.

I understand now why they never show anything past the red carpet area because that's literally all it is. They have everyone believing this false narrative of what it's like there

Like you literally have garbage all over and people sleeping on the street right next to all this going on, it's gross af

Finally watched and I loved it! And they somehow managed to make it so that 90% of the story takes place in the span of just two days without it feeling rushed.

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