Somebody gave Mastodon's official iOS app a 1-star review on the App Store because "there are too many Taiwan independence" [sic, translation]. That's a first! Also, Taiwan is a country.


@Lucseleventje this map doesn't free Tibet and Uyghur though :)

@ino Maybe someone with more creative talents than I will give that a try 😉

@amokhuxley @Lucseleventje @ino oh now you really gonna get the chinese patriots riled up. Keep up the good work!

@amokhuxley @Lucseleventje @ino I don't think a highly unified centralized government is better than a loose federal state,and the former can usually lead to tyranny easily.To be honest ,as a Chinese,I prefer a society with small territory and population which imagined by Laotse.

@amokhuxley @Lucseleventje @ino oh wow, I really love this map!

All except for the flag used for Manchuria - that’s the flag of the Japanese puppet state of Machukuo, and would never be used by a nativist org. Far better to use the old Qing flag, which is a fucking *dragon*!

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