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Hello !
Moi c'est jruka, je suis une meuf trans & bi :flag_transgender: :flag_bisexual: un peu (beaucoup) perdue dans son placard.

Mes centres d'intérêts : l'informatique, les langues, l'animation japonaise et les trains/métros/transports en communs (tchou tchou !) 🚂

Je suis très timide mais n'hésitez pas à me parler 🙂

friendly reminder: please caption your shit

thank you ☺️


Do me a favor:

if someone tells you they stopped being able to do x and y because they now have a chronic illness... don't tell them you hope they get better.

There is no "getting better" if the illness is chronic.

It's why it's called CHRONIC in the first place!!!

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Sex mention, religion, assault mention 

It's weird to me that people make fun of people who think you should wait until marriage, often to the point of virgin shaming or saying everyone should fuck before marriage, but I haven't seen nearly as many people complain about the fact that it's seen as *compulsory* to have sex after marriage. That seems even more harmful to me. I've heard of asexual couples forcing themselves to do it even though neither of them wanted to. It's sexual assault.

COVID, racism 

The Overwhelming Racism Of COVID Coverage
> The real story is that ‘developing’ nations have done remarkably better at fighting COVID-19 than the rich and white. […]
> You talk about ‘developed’ world or the ‘industrialized’ world or ‘advanced’ nations. But what does that mean? How developed are you if you don’t have public health? How industrialized are you if you cannot distribute tests and PPE? How advanced are you if your people won’t even wear a mask?

europe is a scam invented to sell various pastries

If a dog is alone in the forest with no one around to praise him, is he still a good boy?

indigenous cultures: [passes down methods for efficient and sustainable living and agriculture through traditions for thousands of years]

capitalists: "actually that technique is an 'invention' that industrial western society discovered for all of humanity in the past 200 years and it wouldn't exist without capitalism driving 'innovation'. now you have to give us money in order to do it"

what's funny to me about terfs getting their female vaginas in a bunch about being called terfs is that it's the most friendly possible characterisation of their ideology, granting both their claims of being radical and being feminist

we call TERFs feminists because they use feminist rhetoric, call themselves feminists, and embed themselves in feminist groups.

the whole "they're bad so they're not real feminists" thing is pointless. it's like saying the Westboro Baptist Church isn't real Christians. You're not going to win by saying neener neener and playing semantics.

“Y’all” is a superior plural pronoun. “Ain’t” is a perfectly good contraction. “Reckon” is a fantastic verb for describing when you are of an opinion. “Yonder” is the only word to describe that way over there.

It still makes me super upset seeing people be afraid or downright ashamed for asking for help

It's OK to ask for help
It's OK to need help
It's OK to receive help

especially if it's dependent on your fucking survival.

personally, if it wasn't for the dozens of strangers that helped me over the years, Idk where I would be, even more so now

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Aggressive reminder to never shame people for asking for help.

And PLEASE stop calling asking for help/assistance "e-begging".

Frankly, it's gotten to the point where it just carries negative connotations and does nothing but make the person asking for help feeling ashamed for asking for help.

You can either give or mind your damn business.

Écouter des podcasts sur son trajet à pied ? Euh ouais ok bizarre de le dire comme ça et pas juste France Inter-marcher mais ok

Je viens d'apprendre que les Tapirs (des sortes de mini-éléphants qui sont les plus gros mammifères d'afrique centrale et afrique du sud) vivent dans les forêts (bon ça c'est pas la découverte).

Mais surtout. Les tapirs mangent de très nombreuses plantes différentes et pas spécialement d'une en particulier. La raison c'est que y'a plein de plantes toxiques et du coup ils mangent un peu de plusieurs plantes comme ça leur organisme tient les différentes toxines sans que ça fasse trop !

(et si vous voulez une vidéo mignonne d'un tapir en pleine nuit : )

sometimes I'm very proud of my fellow countrymen, and by proud I mean I wish they'd fuck off into the sun

pol fr ; à propos du casier vierge pour être élu-e  

je viens de voir passer ceci : []

“L’instauration du casier judiciaire vierge obligatoire pour les élus (promesse électorale du candidat macron), ça serait pas mal non ?”

Non, c’est une idée de merde.

Ça permet d’écarter tous les gens sur-criminalisés (donc les minorités) encore + de la politique.

Et avec une loi pareil, inutile de vous expliquer comment et pourquoi ça sur-criminaliserait encore + les minorités.

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