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*EA Sports It's In The Game voice*

Rats. And. Vengeance.

It's in the name.

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Apparently we're doing and I've never actually done one so let's go

Hi, I'm Juliana, previously known here as Marie-Joseph (an alias I still use elsewhere). I'm a trans she/her woman and self-trained programmer currently trying to figure out the final pieces of the puzzle to be a professional.

My formal education is in international relations and French, both of which still hold a special place in my heart. Studying these topics led me to become an anarcho-communist.

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buddy, look, i'm sorry, but you're on a linux instance; you gotta really show me you're a cool queer (or at least allied) leftist before i accept your follow request

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This is account is straight up anarchist propaganda.

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If I see a post about rats I'm almost certain to interact with it consider yourself warned

*looking at a cishet couple* so which one of you is the beep and which one is the boop?

body hair, dysphoria adjacent 

the only time I've successfully shaved my entire body was with help and i don't have anyone to help me now which is a huge part of why i don't do it

i don't wanna just shave like the front of my body when the most overtly dysphoria-inducing hair is gonna still be there y'know

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body hair, dysphoria adjacent 

anyway I shaved a bit of my chest today so I could wear a v-neck without showing chest hair and it's 🥺 i get so much euphoria being able to look in a mirror and see no chest hair where i'm used to seeing chest hair

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body hair, dysphoria adjacent 

one of these days i'm going to work up the energy to actually shave my body again and hopefully will keep up the shaving regimen often enough to not every have to do the whole thing again

but until then i've got way too much fucking hair and i don't have the time for that

also: back hair

me: god eye contact is so hard, i don't know how people do it. staring into someone's eyes is so difficult, it's almost physically uncomfortable, don't you think?

the weeping angel in my bedroom:

does anyone have receipts on White Wolf's (Vampire: The Masquerade publishers) problematic aspects? iirc there were actual literaly honest-to-god avowed Nazis working there but it's been waaaaaaay longer than I realized and idr anymore

I'm pirating their shit anyway because lol but I want to be doubly careful to avoid propaganda y'know

You have to mean business when dealing with racist people and their collaborators.

They are ruthless. Match that energy.

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I had to go up my rating from 4 to 5 stars because it just keeps coming up in my mind which is the mark of a great book

I didn't even give the collection of Hainish stories i've read 5 stars and I borderline literally worship Le Guin

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I keep marinating on Fledgling and like, y'all

go fucking read that book jesus christ it's so good

they should invent a password manager for cis men

villians who explain their entire plan to the protagonist are adhdtism-coded because they're infodumping

New blog post:

Announcing New Ellijay TV.

(this is a summation of the thread I wrote the other day.)

io_uRNG - instead of circular buffers, the kernel operations are dispatched in random order, some never arriving.

windows introduces new nonblocking syscall "io_ubing"

shitpost for dragon lesbian solutions 

why don't u_ring some bitches?

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