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*EA Sports It's In The Game voice*

Rats. And. Vengeance.

It's in the name.

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Apparently we're doing and I've never actually done one so let's go

Hi, I'm Juliana, previously known here as Marie-Joseph (an alias I still use elsewhere). I'm a trans she/her woman and self-trained programmer currently trying to figure out the final pieces of the puzzle to be a professional.

My formal education is in international relations and French, both of which still hold a special place in my heart. Studying these topics led me to become an anarcho-communist.

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buddy, look, i'm sorry, but you're on a linux instance; you gotta really show me you're a cool queer (or at least allied) leftist before i accept your follow request

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This is account is straight up anarchist propaganda.

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If I see a post about rats I'm almost certain to interact with it consider yourself warned

everyone talks about the land west of france but we still don't know what's to the east of france. we should research this

okay but how the fuck do i keep breaking myself lmao

I love it when people ask me what i think about things because 99% of the time the answer is: i don’t. I rarely think. I’m just out here saying words recreationally

On the cover of my collection of The Earthsea Saga there's a review from some paper that says, "Rowling can type, but LeGuin can write," and I've been puzzling over what the fuck that means for 10 years now.

Oh, cool, ProtonMail isn't properly syncing across webmail and the mobile app.


normalize being tiny and being able to sneak through small crevices due to your size

doing a funny (replacing all "spicy" chili in germany with actually spicy chili)

Okay, I'm sketched by this, idk if it's real. Between two bills, I've got 3 separate addresses for "USA Health," none of which is in Alabama.

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And every time I've walked out of there they've told me I didn't owe anything!!!

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It doesn't even cost that much to do the tests or produce the materials involved in the injection. There's no way the fifteen minutes or whatever that a lab tech spent doing my screens got them paid enough to make up that difference.

This is a university-affiliated hospital. A public university.

What the fuck.

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I currently owe $343.11 to my doctor

$324 for a basic blood panel and STI screen
$19.11 for getting injections

and that's after insurance paid most of it. what the everliving fuck.

@Cyborgneticz every word is a fancy made up word!

Man I wish I could do a linguistics talk. :) every word is fancy and made up and they're all good

*pointing at hetero couple* so which one of you is king gizzard and which one is the lizard wizard

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