Sweating profusely every time I ask for help in the Guix IRC because my hardware doesn't support a fully-free operating system and I'm afraid they can smell it on me


Jokes aside, hardcore GNU people are the most ideologically zealous people I've ever encountered. And I was raised by US Evangelical Christians and became an anarchocommunist.

@juliana well, it's about the principle of the thing, isn't it?

@ruffni I thought it was about giving people tools to achieve their goals without shackling them to financial or usage restrictions

@juliana well yes, but that's why the other 3 freedoms are essential

if you endorse *some* proprietary software why fight for libre software at all?
if we legitimate *some* private property, why fighting for communism at all?

@ruffni I'm not having this conversation. I wasn't attacking die-hard GNU folks by calling them zealots. Being a zealot isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'm just not one about FOSS according to them. It's fine, it's just different. Different isn't bad.

@juliana the pressure of corporations creates an equal opposite force.

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