Since we're getting a bunch of new folks lately, it's probably worth mentioning the social norm on the Fediverse of captioning pictures. I and other people will not boost pictures without captions because we don't want to exclude anyone unnecessarily.

Another thing we do is provide content warnings. Some common topics to CW include sex, food, genitals, various forms of oppression, violence, sexual assault, and eye contact. But CW as much as you like! It's fun actually, as you'll soon see 😃

We also recognize that people subjected to oppression may want to discuss these subjects without a CW. That is their prerogative. We also recognize that not everyone can always caption all their images, or sometimes forget. That's okay! @PleaseCaption can remind you to caption if you follow it, and some of us are happy to provide captions to images in the replies (there's an account you can @ to request this but I can't find it atm)

If you've made it this far and think captions sound cool but don't know how to use them, that's to be expected. It's kinda hidden. When you upload an image, there's a little button in the top-right corner of the preview image in the message drafting area. Click it to open up the caption interface.

Plaintext can (to varying degrees of quality) be captioned using the automatic OCR function. If nothing else, this is usually a good start for text-centric images.


I forget to do them occasionally. I don't usually bring up subjects that people find sensitive until I do.

I have felt pretty bad about not doing it before. But it's just a thing that will happen because humans make errors.

This is why I think it's a good idea to filter your own list if you can. I don't say this as criticism of content warnings but honestly think if something is super important that you not have to look at you should take some measures into your own hands and learn to filter your feed with a regex.

The thing I do not really like to randomly encounter that I try to remove and tend unfollow people if they talk about constantly is.. revelry in drug addiction and abuse, which maybe I should message people telling them to use content warnings. I do not but maybe I should.

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