Looking back on my experience as a programmer like, "How *did* I learn git? How *did* I learn gdb basics?"

Comrades, I do not know.

@juliana i have never learned git and honestly i'm fine with that

@juliana I mean, by doing I assume

Like u have to use it for a thing youre doing and you struggle through it and now it works

@amaral fucked up this picture was taken by the subject of Don't Fuck With Cats, which I know from watching Don't Fuck With Cats

@amaral yeah the picture makes me super uncomfortable every time I see it because of that which sucks because it's otherwise so cute

@juliana I'll put the text over a picture of Brócoli.

@juliana Not as cute, but at least he is an airhead, and he's well cared for.

@juliana if that’s what you say then the answer is likely pain

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