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I'm Kara Dreamer, 43-year-old trans gxrl from Seattle, a science nerd (especially for chemistry) and a chaos witch, although I've moved most of my talk over to

system, with headmates,, and

I use Discord frequently: Kara Dreamer#3227

my personal server, where I talk about my spirituality and do a bit of RP sometimes, is "In the Footsteps of Mount Ebott":

Have been trying to shoot a flying dragonfly for a while now. It has proven to be incredibly difficult, since the camera keeps focusing on the background. This one turned out fairly decent, though :) #photo #insect #dragonfly

so. yeah...going to to sort myself out I hope

sorry to involve y'all


this account does not match me any more

I don't know who I am any more


ok my system is officially in a mess and I dunno what to do about it

so what'd you all think if I simply deleted this account, deleted this proposed fursona

I'd keep but change my posture towards it.

The lemon is not naturally occurring, and is a hybrid developed by cross-breeding a bitter orange and a citron.

Life never gave us lemons; we invented them all by ourselves.

semi fearing that this persona is, like Kel, default non verbal

that complicates things a bit

Transphobia in Sandman 


Was not expecting such problematic shit. Sandman is incredibly well written but blargh
Depiction of trans girl is blargh


Undertale fanfic, Alphyne smut, headcanons 

@kara my favorite interpretation of how undyne lost her eye is definitely this fic:

@kara yeah i wrote alphyne smut. there's no 69ing or remote devices but they manage:

(repeating a reply to someone else)

my autism makes lack of feedback in communication extremely unsettling


maybe I should simply remove myself from expecting it

at some point I have to start taking account of how people actually interact with me

which is, usually, with silence

I should perhaps simply delete this account, and

the others serve a clearer purpose

Other folks have made this point before, but the whole "if you work 40 hours a week you shouldn't live in poverty" line is terrible. You should not live in poverty at all. You should not have to justify your existence to anybody.

basswood, that's the wood that's _super_ easy to carve, right?

I should get a box of basswood scrap somewhere

I saw an issue of "Success" magazine with Jeff Bozos' stupid mug on the cover and wished I could burn all of them

negative, plurality, identity crisis 

the only clue I have that suggests I'm something more than some unstable, uncomfortable combination of my other three personae is that I'm the one who considers themself a witch

Mona certainly doesn't

Kel helps me but is no witch

and Chara doesn't give much of a shit

so...I'm clearly _something_ different, but maybe not completely so

link to YouTube post with recording of last nights Undertale and Steven Universe fanfic live readings:

YouTube playlist of past fanfic readings:

negative, plurality, identity crisis 

maybe it's just this personality that needs to be burned to the ground

who the hell is "Kara Dreamer" anyway

Mona makes sense. Kel makes sense. and Chara is....well, Chara

but who the hell am I? some unpleasant asshole made up of bits of the other three, it seems like

So in the bot cull discourse on birdsite right now @darius mentioned making your social network support rss feeds and like.. if I could follow rss feeds on Mastodon the same way I follow individual users that would be pretty huge for me. Or like have a separate column that just displays rss updates.

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