Philippine showbiz industry will never attain the level achieved by KDrama because our actors and actresses here would rather spend their time talking politics online instead of improving their half-baked acting skills.
They're content with just their belo-fied gluta-heavy faces.

Randall Echanis is just the right corpse the Opposition needs to refuel back their necropolitics.
I wanna wish his "soul" to rest in peace but "activists" thrive in sowing chaos so may his vengeful spirit roam the earth forever and haunt all those who will use his name for drama.

I can speak six languages, two ethnic dialects, four programming languages, a dozen mark-up languages and at least eight encoding and encryption languages but I'm still struggling to find the right word to describe the horrendously bizarre otherworldly countenance of Maria Ressa.

Maria Ressa questions SPMC's funding. Ressa, who faces several counts of tax evasion, wonders where her taxes go?

This troll's real name is Alvin Matthew Ang.
Report his tweet and his account for hate speech.
BTW this is his real account: @AlvinMatthewAng. 😙🎶

Dear Sir Eduardo Año @DILGPhilippines,
This is Boom Buencamino the troll who created the malicious meme about you and DILG.
Buencamino has been posting malicious anti-government memes for years.
Original Tweet:

FYI she's not even a registered voter, never participated in Philippine elections and the whole world knows she's a tax evader who doesn't pay due taxes.
The only reason why America supports her is because she's American, and her supporters are racist like the racist that she is.

Keep the rage going guys. Put Maria Ressa in her place. She's not even a real Filipino. She has no right to discriminate nor deprive Mindanaoans of their right to quality health care. That malnourished bullypit racist BS Ressa should go back to America and lick her masters' arse.

Dumaan na ako sa COVID-19 noong April pa.
That's why I was inactive for the past few months.
Hindi naman ako nagpanic o ano.
Parang simpleng trangkaso lang din.
Hindi ko rin ginawa yung mag-video-video dahil di naman ako O.A.
At saka para saan pa?
Remembrance na nagkaubo ka?

Blocked ako kay Maria Ressa pero natutuwa ako sa mga nakikita kong screenshots kung paano niya ipahiya ang sarili niya about SPMC issue. 😝😆 Pilit pa rin kasi nang pilit kahit nilatagan na ng FACTS. 😙🎶

Tigil-tigilan mo akong woketard ka ha.
Yung Russian vaccine, dumadaan sa proper testing process para masigurong safe (Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3).
E yung Dengvaxia na pinagtatanggol ninyo?
Ginawang test subjects ang mga bata at estudyante.
Ayusin ninyo narrative ninyo.

What's the fuss about SPMC getting the biggest cut of funds?
Porque hindi ito nasa Manila? Geez.
Philippine Health is not just about hospitals in Manila or in Luzon.

Pinapatrending na naman ng Yellows yung conyo video ni Kakie Pangilinan.
What's new?
Another Kris Aquino in the making.
Yan yung mga gusto nilang mag-represent sa masang Pilipino? Jusq. Kaya hirap kayong maka-connect sa mga Pinoy dahil glino-glorify ninyo ang pagiging petty rich.

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