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Did anyone else notice that when we were punching nazis everyone hemmed and hawed about it and now were just throwing milkshakes and they are still hemming and hawing about it almost like they will whine if we do *anything* to resist them and we should go back to punching the shit out of them otherwise they will back us into non action

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By extension, they said that the people disagreeing with them in the comments as well as the extension's developer were TERF too or were at least defending TERF.
Today we learn that this person is working on a replacement app that they advertise under a different account.
I don't care about any of those extensions and I can understand why some people raise privacy concerns about them, but please, can this serve as an example that it is not a good idea to jump at each other throats?

@Sylvhem One day. One day people will actually listen when i say something.

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The past weekend, someone have been claiming repeatedly that a friend of them/them (I don't really know, it was super confuse) was identified as "trans friendly" by the extension Shinigami Eyes and told people that their life was in danger because of that. They also told everybody that the extension identified some TERF pages as "trans friendly", without backing up their claim with anything.

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So it looks like @dunnofam created all of this controversy over shinengami eyes for the sole purpose of pushing a competing app. I cannot and will not trust someone who falsely smears someone as a terf just to get internet points and users for an app thats bound to not be as good and you shouldnt either. Anyone who smears one person falsely as a terf will smear anyone else.

They made an organization account named terfbullet and PrimordialHelios is the *only* code contributor.

Ergo PrimordialHelios is the terfbullet account.

This. Whole. Thing. Was a setup to get power.

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For your enjoyment: the galactic brain trust over at 4chan have decided to start a rumor that the octothorpe (#) is being used by the Nazis as a symbol, because if you split it in half horizontally you get two Hs, and so now by extension hashtags are Nazi symbolism.

So if you see anyone passing that along in earnest, please feel free to tell them to head back to their little hive of scum and villainy.

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Its been really "funny" to watch the instances that participated in mass harassment against me slowly get suspended by everyone else because if they had just paid attention when it happened to me 🤷‍♀️

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@Codeawayhaley Also important to remember there were never any witches in salem, just unpopular people on valuable property that had to be disposed of

See this is why im very skeptical of what the crowd says at any given moment because the crowd loves to make shit up and spread it like a virus.

Im really getting tired of this bullshit where people just scream bloody murder while completely making shit up and demand they get believed just because they yelled loud.

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