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On the same day they sent out a newsletter titled “Every nice trip has its obstacles” like no kidding

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A toothbrush that posts to the fediverse would be a tootbrush

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Lexi: “Please do maintenance on my e-bike. Whenever I am in 8th gear it skips wildly, and when it shifts from 7th to 8th gear, it does not physically shift gears, only on the display.”

Store: “We could not reproduce the problem. Pay 300.-”

Lexi: *stubs her knee when cycling away from the store*
Lexi: “The problem is still there and it is basically impossible not to reproduce it.”

Store: “We still can't reproduce it, but we threw out your battery. Buy a new one for just 600.-”


OH: “Nennt sich Tierarzt, aber ist nicht mal ein Tier. Was soll das denn?”

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Buying hardware in 2021 is an adventure 😮

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Why does Windows keep randomly setting up A2DP incorrectly as a phone headset for my bluetooth headphones? I thought it was supposed to be the OS where everything Just Works™

*sortiert alte externe Festplatten*

TIL: there is an instance 🤩

… that doesn't accept new members 😭

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[DEPRECATED] Countries are obsolete, and will be fully removed in a future release.

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Happy Hacking Keyboard 2 Pro is still the best keyboard ever \o/

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Nutzt ihr die Erweiterung "The Great Suspender" für #Chrome oder #Chromium? Dann solltet ihr das deinstallieren. Der Maintainer hat die so verändert, dass nicht vertrauenswürdiger Code auf euren Rechner ausgeführt werden kann.

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“What do you mean, dangerous? I merely set the dish towel on fire.”

People get fast internet and use VPN services to slow it down artificially.


afraid to stab the bread…

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Making fun of elderly tech 

“Ugh… why is this terminal so weird… what's up with that scaling… let me try to swaymsg that … oh wtf, this is with i3! How quaint.” — Lexi using her old laptop

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