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I'm an infrastructure enthusiast in most kinds of sense.

Things I care about: antifascism, anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-homomysia, anti-transmysia, anti-ableism.

I enjoy nature, by which I mean true wilderness.

Things I do for myself:
I write software for fun and profit. When I can't, I play games (adventures, space sims, train sims when it's really bad).

Feel free to follow me, I just like to have some control over who does. You are welcome!


Is domain hoarding also trans culture? 🤔

gendered clothing labels 

I've had the greatest morning in a while and everything seems to be going exceptionally well today! Today I'm unstoppable 💃

cis nonsense 



I may have lost all interest in Discord \o/

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Damn it, Lexi, get your ass out of this chair and go grocery shopping already


su*c*de mention 

shitpost, transmysic trope 

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UK HRT Shortages 

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queermisia and shame 

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tall girls. boost me pls

...i cant reach the top shelf

Transmysia, kids 

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