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I'm an infrastructure enthusiast in most kinds of sense.

Things I care about: antifascism, anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-homomysia, anti-transmysia, anti-ableism.

I enjoy nature, by which I mean true wilderness.

Things I do for myself:
I write software for fun and profit. When I can't, I play games (adventures, space sims, train sims when it's really bad).

Feel free to follow me, I just like to have some control over who does. You are welcome!

“LGBTQIA+… BIPOC… your feminist words have so many letters, I can’t remember what they all mean” said the person in favor of FLOSS.

I should really go outside and buy a few things and stuff but that would mean shaving and putting on makeup and ain't nobody got the spoons for that 😩

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People who are nonbinary as an intermediate step in transition because they feel more comfortable trying out gradual changes: valid

People who are just nonbinary and want to stay nonbinary: also valid
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the SCP wiki community is hostile to pluralfolk 

89% vs 20% – this means that 109% of people hang their toilet paper in the first place!

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Which way do you hang your toilet paper?

Unpopular opinion: if you own a source code repository you are responsible for the physical and psychological safety of all the people who ever contributed to it as far as it relates to said repository. This means that if for some reason they want their records in the history changed or anonymized, you are on the hook to do it. It's your responsibility as the owner they entrusted their contribution with.

deadnaming related thoughts 

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cw: a non-man telling you how men think 

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Ich habe viel zu lange gebraucht die Gebärde für transgender zu finden, Lexika (die ich kenne) haben die nicht drin. Daher reposte ich das mal, ums leichter wieder zu finden.
#DGS #Gebärdensprache
Im Video: queer, transgender, Regenbogen, LSBTIQ*, Gender, lesbisch, schwul, bisexuell, heterosexuell [src: Gebärdensprache jetzt]

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abortion discourse 

Glob, Zurich is so COLD, how do people not, like, freeze to an icicle

Seeing bras lying around next to my bed and knowing they're mine gives me incredible amounts of euphoria every morning 💞

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
Singular they
Predates singular you

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transphobia, prison, police 

fitness tracker stuff 

But none of it happened. The guy looked at my dgti supplemental ID and went “Alright” and left to get me my mail!

I was so perplexed I forgot to get my wallet out to pay them. After correcting that I uttered a few perplexed words, turned around and bumped into a news rack. 😂

unbased fears of transmysia 

I was able to pick up my mail from the new mailbox service without having to give them my deadname! They just accepted my supplemental ID, without asking any questions whatsoever! I was STOKED, I'm telling yall!

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