hardware, physical health 

Moves servers from the bedroom to the living room

Collapses right before the last one



“Are you happy to see me or is that just another shark under your blanket?”


You call it a trench coat — I call it spywear

I wish more people understood that the reason browsers consume so much RAM and CPU is not just the browser, but mainly badly coded web sites 😕

food, scary alarms 

Spent the night baking bread → spent the morning fighting the Carbon Monoxide alarm in my kitchen 🙃

food mention 

All Bobs Are Custard

shitpost, birth, gender, dark 

I was assigned a gender at birth, but those who did regretted it and there are no more witnesses.


• develop a new and privacy centered calendar
• supporting only gregorian dates


tech shitpost 

USB C charging electric cars when?

tech, hardware 

Trying to build Thunderbird and Waterfox on Thinkpad x395 with 16 GB RAM:

• Browser stutters
• Random tabs get killed
• System eventually grinds to a halt

Trying to build Thunderbird and Waterfox on Thinkpad x230 with 16 GB RAM:

• Things are a bit slow for a while
• Look, a package appears
• Let's install it

Politics, money, paid employment, strikes 

Want to end the strikes in public transport?

Tell the corporations to pay their workers fairly. Boom.

Tech security 

As an example, Signal is great but it is not what you want to tell strangers to use to e.g. find your meeting group in a bar.

Threema might be nice for that but it costs money so nobody is going to install it just to meet you.


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Tech security 

Ugh, another article titled “Are encrypted messaging apps really secure?” without talking about threat models.

They call out Signal as the most secure option because it's end to end encrypted, which is nice, but what if your threat model is that your phone number leaks? Signal is actively leaking it.

What if your threat model is being unable to send messages reliably in an emergency? Signal is not great at that.

So the answer, as always in security land, is, it depends.

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Friendly reminder that you can, absolutely, choose your parents.


The magic formula is not “Open sesame”, it's “Open, says Sammy!”

Nahrungsmittel, deutscher Wortwitz 

„Hast du Pfeffer?“
„Nein, ich habe…“

needles, HRT, injection 

Today I was unable to do my injection because I could not get the injection needle through my rubber skin. EDS is an adventure…

Whatever I would try, my skin would just stretch out of the way without letting me poke through it. Did it get stretchier lately…?

Odd hardware 

Yeah, not sure what to make of that.

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food, knives 

I feel like my second ever bread is a significant improvement over my first ever bread.

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