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UNIX users be like “Yaaasss screen(1)!”

I can has temperature and humidity sensor data! 😻

Now let's write Prometheus push gateway integration.

Back in 2005 we used to make fun of MacOS for being the sleepy OS because their laptops would constantly suspend at the worst moments.

Now, in 2021, Windows 10 suspends immediately after it finished playing a video, every single time. 🙄

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Wenn ich groß bin, mach ich Gemüsebällchen, die tatsächlich rund sind

Might 3D print myself some adapters one of these days…

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Ordered some breadboard cables, turned out they were all jacks … so much for being able to move forward with the RPi project.

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Me: *orders replacement keyboard for X230 off eBay*

eBayer: *mails it in an air cushion envelope*

Transport company: *bends the envelope a lot*

keyboard: *is totally mangled and doesn't work*

Me: “Hey, the keyboard is totally mangled and only the power button works, the other keys are dead.”

eBayer: “We're sorry. Want 5€ back?”

Me: “It's broken! I can't use it!”

eBayer: “How about half price? Mind you that returns are expensive…”

Me: Sigh.


@maris to be fair, not the original B+ which I happened to dig up the other day

I can't believe how good the X220 keyboard is 😮

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Space heater room size classifications are an elaborate ploy by the space heater industry to sell smaller rooms!

I received what looks like the Microsoft Natural Keyboard for ThinkPad X230! Thank you to the sender for the nice surprise. Finally I get to enjoy ergonomic typing on my laptop!

@Sylvhem not an ideal joke given that most of the fediverse goes down every time Wasabi has a hiccup

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@oakreef ugh, that sounds unnecessarily complicated

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@julialuna wildcard DNS and a web server which for “” displays “Xyz is a cutie!”?

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