Ok, so I did a brief survey for my X395:

- Arch: hangs randomly, shadow.tech doesn't work, suspend doesn't work (and neither does hibernate)
- Debian Testing: installs. doesn't boot. couldn't be bothered
- Fedora 31: runs fine, suspend works, shadow.tech fails without a log message as to why
- Ubuntu 19.04: runs fine, suspend works, shadow.tech works

@CherryKittens darum arbeitet man nicht wenn man krank ist, dann steckt man die gesamte Infrastruktur an!

re: hrt 

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sometimes a family is a few hundred queer strangers on the internet

@f2k1de Reinstall & Rsync (The other kind of R'n'R)

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The gender today is the smell of fresh cut grass and sound of thunder in the distance.

@geet @readytherhinos Jabber has (had?) “Available for Chat” as a status, which is essentially that.

You are valid[*].

*: unless you want to take away other people's validity or do other fascist things, in which case, crawl back to the Gab you came from.

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i'm just sayin that like
you could make a contract with me to become a magical girl
if ya want




@f2k1de ich denke ja immer noch über ein Stirntattoo nach

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a transponder is when you think about being gender

A minute later the system froze as I was typing things into Mastodon

Well, now it stopped working entirely, but at least my system may have stoppe freezing?

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