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I also like the progression of the games.

Life is Strange: “I guess we'll let the players decide if the two are lesbians.”

Before the Storm: “Yeah, whom are we kidding.”

I feel like the game “Life is Strange” has created a new and awesome generation of lesbians.

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Fediverse surveillance instance: Fedichive 

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Für die deutschsprachigen Follower: weiss jemand, wie der englische Begriff für den Ergänzungsausweis der DGTI ist? Ich habe Schwierigkeiten das herauszufinden und die Wikipedia ignoriert das Thema natürlich.

How do transgender women dress? — One leg at a time…

Hold on — why are all the folks on talking about finding a new instance? What's going on?

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People talk about "made up genders" as if all genders aren't made up lmao grow up normies

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JK Rowling + Transphobia + Twitter link 

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climate calamity 

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