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#intro: content & cw 

I try to cw a lot.
If you need me to cw something specific, let me know.
If I forgot an important cw & you want me to repost with the cw, let me know.

I use a lot of emojis :blob_cat_coffee:
I try to limit them to 1 or 2 per toot max.
If you're using a screen reader & follow me, let me know how I can make things easier for you.

I'm over 18 and I might retoot some nsfw art occasionally.

If something is bad for you in the way I post, let me know & I'll see what I can do!

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#intro: chronic illness & medical diet info 

So I'm chronically ill™ with an auto immune kidney disease named IgA nephropathy.
I was diagnosed & started treatment in 08.2020.
The main impacts on my life atm are tons of meds, monitoring my vitals, I need to eat every 3-4 hours or I crash down & minor mood & energy impacts.

My medical diet is basically vegan (+ egg whites), no salt, low phosphorus & potassium (no potatoes, leafy greens, full grains).

I'm open to discuss it atm.

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Selfie, eye contact 

My trashboi aesthetic is p e a k i n g 🔥

// first selfies posted here hello!

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question sur la "neutralité politique" 

En vrai c'est truc depuis que je suis en bib et que j'ai participé de près ou de loin à des activité d'achat, c'est vraiment cette notion de neutralité, qui est souvent interprété comme "donnons également la parole à tout le monde" en mode pour chaque livre politique de droite t'en prend un de gauche ect,
déjà ça me pause problème qu'on mette sur un pied d'égalité des gens qui défonce des minorités et ceux qui que se défendent. Et puis pareils pour les séries/livre étiqueté lgbt, je me souvient qu'on a refuser des bd qui en traite parce que "ça va pas intéresser nos lecteurs"
Je trouve ça doublement problématique de
1 parler pour TOUS les inscrit de ta bib
2 caché ton malaise derrière la supposé homophobie des tes lecteurs

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"In a way, you can't really 'have your sh*t together' as someone non-binary because you're constantly questioning and interrogating yourself" ouchhh :blob_cat_oh_no:

Quote from Amrou Al-Khadi, in the first episode of "NB: My non-binary life"

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r/traa post, may contain sensitive content (without image description) 

Being Trans and Stupid (little thing I made while thinking of this sub) @AyvieArt on Twitter

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RSA, job, anxiété, demande, :boost_requested:​ 

Bon. On m'a contacté pour prendre un rdv d'orientation pour pouvoir continuer à toucher le RSA. Je ne suis clairement pas sûr de pouvoir avoir un job à l'heure actuelle quand je vois à quel point c'est la hess de faire même des trucs que j'aime quand il y a des humains, je ne sais pas comment je vais gérer.
Il y a des gens ici qui ont l'expérience de ce genre de chose? Est-ce qu'il y en a que ça a aidé?


I went to buy 3L of water, and ingredients to make vegan tzatziki :blob_smile_hearts:

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sport, working out, chronic illness 

Yesterday I did a workout, for the first time since August!! Another great sign that my energy is getting better these days :blob_melt_sob_love:
Now my body is a bit sore, but honestly it feels so good to be in "pain" from something I did voluntarily to become stronger, rather than the usual pain linked to my body being sick :lila_heart_pink:
I'm very proud of myself! I don't want to pressure myself too much, but if I could do this 3x/week it would be great ✨

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When websites say "use our app, it's much better", they mean better for them, not you.

Wanted to refill my glass of water, nothing comes out of the tap, then I remembered there was a notice (in Finnish) about something in the elevator & I go check it and indeed no water today until 17... I guess I'll go buy some water then 😭 Wish I had realized and prepared for this uuuuh.

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Jameela Jamil's interview of Amrou Al-Kadhi was very good and I highly recommend it (but I don't have takeaways because its been a while).

A drag performer, writer, and filmmaker, Amrou talks about "growing up between London and the Middle East, the progressive roots of Islam, coming out as “white” to their parents, using quantum physics to explain being non-binary, how their drag character represents a more free version of their mother, and their book."

Completely forgot to post this one here! I'm very happy with it :blob_smile_hearts:
Huevember days 17-18, with the theme "blueberries" by @richtercard :lila_heart_purple:

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Ladies and gentlemen, bois and xirls, I present to you: giraffe.

Love how the villain in spiderman miles morales is literally Elon Musk

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Coucou, y'a des gens de 16 - 25 piges (cherchez pas...) qui se sentent écolo / proche de mouvance écologistes et qui auraient un peu de temps pour en discuter ?

(On est des étudiant⋅es en L1 sociologie)

Repostez svp :blobcatPrettyPlease:

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do you have any resources on what is / how to be a queer femme ? english or french

i tried to search but since "femme" is "woman" in french i have a lot of irrelevant stuff, and i only see things like "it's subverting feminity in a queer way", but i dunno what that means, CONCRETELY

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meds, oedemas 

My face is still as swollen as before but this morning my chest is not so swollen and it's soooo strange to touch it and actually feel my collarbones and the shapes of my shoulders after weeks of them being hidden under a soft pillow of fat. I just keep poking at it 😂

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Coucou les copaines !

Je recherche des personnes #queer qui fréquentent les réseaux sociaux pour poser quelques questions.

C'est pour un projet de fiches cas pratiques longtemps endormi qui revient à la vie (hihi) (exposer un souci, proposer des solutions, relier à des associations sur le thème du souci) concernant les difficultés que rencontrent les personnes queers à se protéger tant au niveau de leur identité qu'au niveau des fachos et etc...

Exemple de fiche que j'envisage : Je suis lgbt+ et ma famille ne le sait pas : risques sur les réseaux sociaux et comment se protéger ?

Tu serais disponible 10 minutes pour y répondre ? Si oui, tu peux le dire ici en commentaire ou bien me voir en MP.

Merci pour ton aide.

mon mail si tu préfères :

The wedding is in 2 months now!! 💒 We're starting to organize it more seriously after procrastinating for so long 😅 It's going well though, turns out it's quite nice that we had to downside it by a lot, way less things to plan for it!

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Hello! Pronoun and wearable art pins made entirely by me are up and ready for purchase. Please remember all of these are 100% hand drawn. Every single one. I am one disabled person doing my best, so sometimes lines aren't perfect but I do my best to sand off sharp edges and give you all the silly customizations your heart desires.

You can buy these from my etsy (link below)

however, if you don't like etsy (and listen, I get why) you can also purchase these from me directly here, we'll work out whats best for our transaction. Okay? Cool. Thanks for the boosts and for supporting a queer, indigenous artist 🎉

✨ Etsy:

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