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#intro: content & cw 

I try to cw a lot.
If you need me to cw something specific, let me know.
If I forgot an important cw & you want me to repost with the cw, let me know.

I use a lot of emojis :blob_cat_coffee:
I try to limit them to 1 or 2 per toot max.
If you're using a screen reader & follow me, let me know how I can make things easier for you.

I'm over 18 and I might retoot some nsfw art occasionally.

If something is bad for you in the way I post, let me know & I'll see what I can do!

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#intro: chronic illness & medical diet info 

So I'm chronically ill™ with an auto immune kidney disease named IgA nephropathy.
I was diagnosed & started treatment in 08.2020.
The main impacts on my life atm are tons of meds, monitoring my vitals, I need to eat every 3-4 hours or I crash down & minor mood & energy impacts.

My medical diet is basically vegan (+ egg whites), no salt, low phosphorus & potassium (no potatoes, leafy greens, full grains).

I'm open to discuss it atm.

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Selfie, eye contact 

My trashboi aesthetic is p e a k i n g 🔥

// first selfies posted here hello!

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looking for input from people who have neovaginas/have had GRS 

if you could go back and decide to have surgery again or not, would you? how come?

Was it worth the disruption to your life for the surgery recovery? was it worth the expenses? worth the uncertainty?

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nourriture vegan 

j'aimerai faire un gateau régulièrement
Je fais une sorte de quatre quart vegan
Et bha
c'est pas chiant à faire en fait.
C'est vegan donc on esquive les oeufs (qui sont chiants) et le beurre (un poil relou aussi)

Sinon c'est : farine, sucre, levure chimique, lait vegan (j'ai pris riz amande, en général lait de riz j'aime bien pour le sucré, c'pas cher et bon), un peu d'huile

De base la recette c'est de le faire au citron et : ouais c'très sympa, mais même nature ça a l'air bon (là j'ai mis peu de citron et la prochaine fois j'en mettrai pas : imbiber de citron sa part une fois servi marche bien et comme ça on peut doser selon l'humeur)

je devrai avoir plusse de recette comme ça

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Rappel de pas utiliser des acronymes peu répandus ou que vos followers peuvent ne pas connaître quand il s'agit de TW.

J'en ai vu plusieurs et je me suis déjà prise des crises de panique / etc. En cas de doute, foutez les termes en entier dans votre CW / TW. Sinon c'est non seulement inutile mais trompeur et risque de blesser violemment votre entourage.

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can anyone suggest podcasts about :witch_hat: witchcraft :witch_hat: (tbf, anythinng, even if im mostly focusing on tarot, astrology and ancestors right now) and/or ⌨️ coding ⌨️ (better if it is something for newbies or anyone open to all levels).

the only thing i would like to have in these podcast is an at least slightly
:burning_cop_car: anti-capitalist :burning_cop_car: point of view? not asking for anything radical, just dont make fucking money and/or corporates the focus of anything?

:boost_ok: :at_me:

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If anyone is looking for a mandarin translator, I am very experienced in working with medias. I have plenty of time at present, so yeah, I can translate any or People's Daily shits for you. And if I can translate those nonsense, I can translate anything that makes sense. Please fedi peeps, I need jobs!!

electricity costs rising 

so we saw our electricity bills go from 45€/3 months to 90€/1 month, which is... a big difference, but at least we live in a flat, because I just heard of some house-owning friends who used to pay 100€/month and now it's 700€/month :blob_sweat:

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(mon ter est en retard)

Une passagère : mais comment on fait pour les correspondances :(
Le contrôleur : bah vous savez du temps où c'était la même société on s'arrangeait et on attendait, maintenant c'est CHACUN POUR SA GUEULE

Dis les mots Gérard

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new cryptid: person who can do two things in a day

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Les préjugés sexistes perturbent le diagnostic des troubles de l’attention chez les filles

Le #TDAH souffre encore du cliché du petit garçon intenable. La méconnaissance des symptômes chez les filles, les préjugés liés au #genre, les évaluations reposant sur des échelles inadaptées, entraînent un retard de diagnostic chez les femmes et favorise le développement d’autres troubles.

re: covid panic 

I called my nurse and indeed I'll have to be taken off the organ donation list for 2 months, and then I'll get a chest x ray to check if I can get back on the list.

The illness itself isn't too bad, I had a very bad night but now I'm feeling OK and my fever went down (36.8 atm). I'm just mostly scared of long covid, so let's see...

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re: covid panic 

sooooo yeah, I started to feel pretty sick yesterday, and I was hoping it was just a cold from keeping the windows open constantly, but I started to have fever (38.3) and I never have fever so it didn't bode well...

I just did a test and it's positive so now we know :blob_cat_oh_no:

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banking drama 

So today I checked my old emails again & saw that around last July I got an email from the bank that was, for once, not from an automated no-reply account, but from an agent at my bank.

So I sent them an email to quickly explain the situation, telling that I really needed to talk to my advisor, and that they shouldn't send any mail to that old address.

Let's see if it leads to anything!
Worst case I'm going to Paris in 2 months, I can always waste a day of my small holidays to go to the bank in person 🙄​

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banking drama, swearing & parental bs 

My mum (with whom I've cut contact and who recently tried to do identity theft on me) sent me an email a few days ago like "oh congrats, look at what I got!" with a picture of a letter from my bank saying I finished reimbursing my first loan.

I knew her address was still the official one there but it's fucked up my dudes.

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mechanomania (n)
the obsession or excessive desire for machines

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I showed #ThePolitician to a friend and i really love this show and the characters! It's quite dark but the characters are so interesting :D

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Non-Player Character is a cozy portal fantasy about a ttrpg friend group being transported to their fantasy world, with a queer and autistic protagonist and their queer, neurodivergent, disabled POC friends! If you like queer and disability-friendly fantasy that relies on resourcefulness, connections, and compassion over violence, you'll love this one.

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Les loulous, quelqu'un connait des gens cool pour un tongue split ?

On m'avait filé le contact de quelqu'un sur Rennes mais 0 réponse sur des mois à essayer de le contacter (alors que j'avais demander ici si je pouvais être logé quelques jours et tout - d'ailleurs merci aux gens qui étaient ok)

re: covid panic 

I did a home test tonight and so far it's negative! I'm relieved, let's see how it evolves in the next few days. I bought several tests and plan to do one every 2 days, because even if I don't have symptoms, I will have to notify the hospital if I get it.

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