Anybody has recommendations of websites to create events that could be used instead of Facebook?
The events are activist types, so marches, workshops, etc.

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@lokenstein I believe that's what Mobilizon was made for, you could give it a try:

@lokenstein is great! It works with email alone, or people can follow/interact via their fediverse accounts

@lokenstein Well, there is Mobilizon that might be what you're looking for =)

Hi @lokenstein

mobilizon is a federated events manager but I have no experience of using it. I've heard it's good:

They're here at @mobilizon

@lokenstein both have already been mentioned but personally second gathio, and have (mostly) only heard good things about mobilizon, so +1 for both from me!

@lokenstein also has fediverse events

Mobilizon might be more appropriate though if you need anonymity to protect activists.

@lokenstein by someone who recently joined the fediverse but I can't recall their handle at the moment.

@lokenstein Have you checked out if have anything that might suit you? They provide a lot of services to activists (but not sure if event invites is one of them).

@lokenstein I am gonna mention Mobilizon as well; I haven't used it but it is part of the Fediverse and it seems to have arisen because of a need to replace Facebook events

@lokenstein @mood

First I thought: yay, is still around
buuuuuuuut 😩 😶 Twitter-account-only??

@lokenstein There is a thing called mobilizon, this might be an entry point:

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