Alright, so it looks like a lot of folks are going to need new instances since the place where I used to do my (often very 18+) furryposting is now shutting down. This thread ain't about the current fediverse meta, but each toot will instead be a brief description of each of the potential instances someone could go to after announced that they will be shutting down. Please don't bring up the meta untagged on this thread with your replies.

Me, I moved my primary furryposting over to

The instance is 18+, with an emphasis on being queer, trans, and furry friendly. It is also a smaller instance however, so they may not be able to accept lots of people. I went there because it looked like it had a good set of rules, and good people too, and I perosonally need that guarantee that we're all adults in places where I talk about more adult topics.

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If you can't get on there, that is fine. There's another 18+ instance,

It also seems to have a similarly good atmosphere that I also considered. People have described this one as "slow" and "chill," and tbh that doesn't sound too bad. I know lots of people from there and the space is also good from the sounds of it.

Show thread is a furry instance that has a bit of a twist to how it does federation: Instead of keeping a running blacklist of servers that have proven themselves to be filled to the brim with bad actors, it instead maintains a whitelist of servers that have passed its current standards. If you like the sound of a limited fediverse, go check them out.

Show thread is another general furry instance that I've got a lot of good friends from, and that makes me happy to recommend them.

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The admin of another furry instance, @maolfunction, had this to say about the instance he is an admin for: "quiet users looking for a quiet instance that will quietly persist forever, is right over here." If this sounds like a fit for you, check them out.

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I know a lot of people when I saw the first wave of migrations away from opted to go to this instance:

They have a tech focus, as well as an emphasis on having an lgbt-friendly atmosphere, and furthermore they have furry adminship. If you're a furry into tech, I'd say it's worth checking them out for sure.

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My friend @Siph recommends as an option for the following reasons: "it’s my own server and we’re Pokémon themed but accepting of all kinds of discussion and absolutely furry friendly and of course ideal for people with a Pokésona"

I've known Siph for the better part of my time in the fandom, and thus I trust what Siph is saying. If you've got a Pokésona or enjoy a Pokémon theme, they're the space for you.

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I also know quite a few furries on this instance:

They are fox-themed, and full of foxes. If you're a fox or love foxes go check them out.

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Another instance that I know has captured a few of the first waves of migration from snouts is

The admin from there was among the first to reach out to snouts users who wanted to change their instance. I've considered them myself because they seem like a nice, soft place, and I think some of us could use a soft landing. A few of the people I knew from snouts who went there are happy with their choice, so I'd consider looking at them too.

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@lucianlutrae @maolfunction I can vouch for my time on for my AD account has been good. No complaints from me.

@catgirl I try my darndest! Glad to hear that people are getting something from this.


🍬 If any horses, zebras, mules, kirin, or any other species of equine or ungulate is looking for a home, I hope that has its registrations open. We have bots for both SFW and clop images (@PonyPics and @SweetPony, respectively) as well as Princess @Celestia giving occasional updates on Canterlot's weather. 🍬

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