Has anyone else out there on the fediverse ever been a member on the forum site that used to be attached to back in the later half of the 00s? I'm trying to find other people who were posters on that forum site, and I figure the fediverse is as good a place as any to start looking again.

Was I a member? Probably. Did I ever post beyond an intro? Probably not.

@gryphon Well that's better than nothing. I used to go by Lucian Cita-Ventus on there.

I might have gone by Rika or somethingfeline. At the time I was still figuring shit out but I've sense discovered I am a shape shifter.

@gryphon Me, I realized I wasn't 'kin, but that's alright. The community was still cool, and the discussions were amazing. I think this site was also the first place I interacted with part of the broader online pagan community.

@lucianlutrae i think I joined for like a second but I don't think I even posted an intro

I do still have a copy of Lupa's book somewhere I think

@adriantepes I think I missed out on being able to get that book.

As for the site, I ended up realizing I wasn't 'kin the whole time, but the space was still pretty cool. One of the first places I got a chance to interact with the broader online pagan community as well. There were several thought-proviking conversations I had there, and I kind regret missing the chance to connect with some people directly.

@lucianlutrae No, but I was in some adjacent spaces. I spent a wild amount of time on the Draconic forums back in the day, and there was a lot of overlap there.

@draque Some of the people I had the best discussions with were dragons, and maybe some of them were on those same forums too. I ended up realizing I wasn't 'kin myself, but I still remember that the conversations I had on that forum were good. First place I had interactions with part of the broader online pagan community too.

@lucianlutrae I might've posted there once? Same name as here.

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