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hellooooo, im lucy, an 18 y/o lesbian trans girl.

i might be plural, might not be (big uncertainty atm)

im a vegan libsoc but im admittedly not very knowledgable on much in-depth leftist stuff.

im into astronomy, maths and physics (hoping to study astrophysics!)

im way too into cs:go

i really really really like affection lol

nice to meetcha ^-^

hrt changes 

my boobs are hand-cuppable now, which is nice

gosh the matrix soundtrack is so good
sorry for just gushing over these films for the past few days

y'all ever just get the urge to rewatch the matrix trilogy?


it’s heartbreaking to have to accept that I’ll never be as close friends with some people as I want to be

people who’ve moved out of your tech illiterate family’s homes; what’d they do afterward to use tech?

sometimes i wanna get into tumblr because its so huge and irl friends of mine are into it, but then i hop on and see dozens of discourse posts without even trying (and i dont actually know how to use it)

Sometimes I wanna get really into all that nerdy teen girl shit I missed out on like twilight and hunger games

holy shit my tiny village has gigabit now

food, vegan, animal gore, parents, - 

My dad keeps making me come over and look and the dead fish corpse hes gutting or the chicken or cow or lamb or what the fuck ever. And gets annoyed when I don’t want to look at it because it’s fucking disgusting.

It’s not cooked stuff either. I mean the full fucking dead fish he just got. Or kidneys. Or whatever the fuck. Ugh.

school, - 

My school has a daily check in thing for online learning where you have to say you’re on before 11am, but when you miss it they don’t ask how you are or like actually give a shit about you. They’re just like “you need to do this every morning.” They couldn’t give less of a shit about the actual humans they teach and just see them as stats to advertise themselves.

D&D, energy 

Every 3 months or so I get really into wanting to run or play D&D then I start playing or running and it drains every joule of energy in my body within 15 minutes

Like, I really want to enjoy it and stuff but my body just doesn’t have the energy

Silly question, but would anyone mind explaining what Matrix is? I’ve tried searching it but most results are just about the films, not the platform :P

some day ill be comfy using a selfie as a pfp

some day...

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-, vent, friendships, self-esteem 

y'all ever just get scared that literally everyone you interact with secretly hates you and doesnt want to talk to you or anything and would be happier if you left or just went away and never talked to them again

-, parents, voice dysphoria?/laughing 

lol my dad just came into my room to mock the way I laugh and compare it to the sound of a scooter B’)

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