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i changed my matrix homeserver bc i'm tired of wasting my money on EMS!
i'm now

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hey just a note if i ever interact with someone Bad there's a 100% chance i didn't know they were bad and please let me know

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hi person (or non-person that's valid too)!
i'm mae, they/them (she/her is ok too), and also a trans girl (sometimes i randomly go androgynous), pan and/or lesbian depending on how i feel, half poc, and endogenic plural

interests in approximate order: game design, music, programming and computers, electronics, art

might update or add to this later!

p.s. i used to be maemiddlename on but that instance sucks so i'm here now

i am just gonna keep boosting this sorry if it gets annoying i just have absolutely no clue where to even get help
i've tried r/fabricmc (dead subreddit), quilt discord (active but not many people are in the rendering help channel), and asking a few modders i know all to no avail

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trying to figure out fabric item rendering is going to make me turn into the joker VERY soon

some more additional information:
- it isn't showing the missing texture, just an invisible item
- i am not using BakedModelManagerHelper, it wouldn't work for me
- the source code is here:, the custom model is at online.maestoso.soulforged.client.render.ForgedToolItemModel

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huh, it might actually be more likely that i have mono than covid

does anyone out there know how the heck to do FabricBakedModels specifically texturing the emitted quads

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picasso once said "i have discovered photography. now i can kill myself. i have nothing else to learn."
wonder what he'd think of video games

man the world is weird
now the news on the radio is first weather, then newcomer covid numbers, then sports, then traffic, then a lil more covid numbers

society if java decided records could end in a semicolon instead of an empty body

thinking about the Music City Star, possibly the most useless commuter rail system with a total daily ridership of less than 1000


overall, my review is it kinda tastes like eating a flower
i could definitely get used to it but it's a bit strong for my palate rn

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after a cocoa bomb led to diaappointment i am now trying hibiscus strawberry and raspberry herbal tea
just based on smell alone it is almost definitely gonna be better than the chamomile i tried a while back

going from a phablet to a normal sized phone will always feel weird

i can't see any co-opting of revolutionary aesthetics here at all nope

[echo voice, loudly] i am thinking of renaming all of my git trunk branches mistress

we are well overdue for a yanny or laurel what color is the dress type meme this year

might or might not do much today, my muscles are extremely sore and probably need rest and that includes the muscles needed to hold a mouse

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