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whats a good place in europe that isn't actively heading towards fascism and would be friendly towards a half black (not white-passing) trans immigrant like i would be

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fun fact as long as you're like 14-18 you can be as affectionate with me as you want, my boundaries are very high

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hi person (or non-person that's valid too)!
i'm mae, they/them (she/her is ok too), and also a trans girl (sometimes i randomly go androgynous), pan and/or lesbian depending on how i feel, half poc, and endogenic plural

interests in approximate order: game design, music, programming and computers, electronics, art

might update or add to this later!

p.s. i used to be maemiddlename on but that instance sucks so i'm here now

like when you turned 18 back a decade ago when social media was a curiosity or maybe an interesting experiment instead of an integral part of the way you socialize ig it's understandable that you wouldn't understand what it's like to be a minor on the modern internet, and not like you can figure that out when you block any minor who even likes or boosts a post of yours

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in all seriousness i can't really expect people who are statistically likely to be closer to double my age than my age to literally ever have been so aggressively excluded from a space just because of their age in like 2006 when social media in general was a novel concept

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tl;dr: you're all so (and i mean this in the nicest way possible) old

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man if i didn't have to be up in 5 hours i would write a good thread analyzing why fedi is such a hostile place for minors

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trying to convince my parents to take the I-465 bypass just so i can get a picture of I-69

im gonna buy the south shore line and rename it the down with cis heavy commuter rail

we should get rid of grass (this is not an opinion this is factual)

is there any point to accelerating some tasks a webapp might do like searching or sorting with webassembly

the difference is the backend is written in rust instead of nodejs

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now so far my AP implementation sucks but hey it's not mastodon and it's not pleroma


really what gargle is going through is a digital ides of march

something im critical of many authors for doing is terranoid aliens

like, they've evolved completely seperately from us (unless you consider panspermia a valid theory in which case pop off ig)

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speaking of conlangs one conlang im working on for a later project will literally require me to transform pheromones into a written language

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