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if you want to follow me, you need to send me a DM explaining how i can trust you

idk if this restriction will be temporary or not, but it has been very clearly proven that i cannot automatically trust people on here just because of their identity or political leanings

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did a thing, this is just a very early draft of just the first 3 topics though
(note: the rest of the website is incomplete, just wanted to upload this to show people)

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intro post 

hi person (or non-person that's valid too)!
i'm mae, they/them (she/her is ok too), and also a trans girl (sometimes i randomly go androgynous), pan and/or lesbian depending on how i feel, half poc, and endogenic plural

interests in approximate order: game design, music, programming and computers, electronics, art

might update or add to this later!

p.s. i used to be maemiddlename on but that instance sucks so i'm here now

fun fact: if minecraft fails to launch with InvocationTargetException, change to java 8

just found out MFE and MFSU actually stand for something (although they don't make much sense lmao)
Multi-Functional Electrical storage unit and Multi-Functional Storage Unit

if i opened up my FTB unleashed world as a server, would anyone play on it

i can send the pack (some configs had to be altered) as a multimc instance

idea for character recognition:
1. run somewhat coarse edge detection and look for clusters of closed shapes
2. fourier transform the closed shapes
3. reduce the length of the series to make it more coarse
4. compare it against a set of pre-reduced characters

theoretically doing it this way should make font not matter

ok here's a test to see if this is good:
from this text alone, what do you think the universe of this book is?

political grumbling, genocide mentions 

@maemachinebroke Authoritarians have a deep need to be part of something powerful and successful, I guess, to the point where they’re not willing to think critically about what they’re identifying with

political grumbling, genocide mentions 

(note:the few hundred thousand figure is extremely generous as it completely excludes any sort of famine or disease, leaving basically just dekulakization and decossackization)

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political grumbling, genocide mentions 

"only" killing like a few hundred thousand (i think that's a reasonable lower bound, saying the USSR didn't kill a single person is completely unbelievable based on my knowledge) in comparison to hundreds of millions (considering the devastation of the native american genocide, i would say this is a reasonable count) is not worthy of praise

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political grumbling 

most states have done absolutely horrific stuff, just because state x does slightly less horrific stuff than state y doesn't mean state x is amazing and should be celebrated

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political grumbling 

something that annoys me is that whenever someone on the left criticizes the soviet union authcoms always deflect to how the west is so much worse
like, we don't like the west either??

like, it's not like falcon 9 2nd stages don't deorbit and burn up

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why does everyone suddenly care about this one chinese rocket booster?

mh- but ok now 

i just disassociated extremely hard wtf

it's broken on java 15 (kinda obvious) and works fine but chunk loading is insanely slow on java 8

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would minecraft 1.5.2 work better if i installed java 7?

how is wallstreetbets still hyperfocused on gamestop stock
it's been almost a third of a year

people being gross 

this is definitely a self report

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