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You deserve to be safe, healthy, and happy no matter what.

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me, a rat in a cage: surely rage will resolve my current predicament

The rumor is that Facebook is changing its company name to Meta, as is owned by some Zuckerberg charity.

I'm sure they've spent ample time debating how this might affect CWs about fediverse drama.

everytime someone is like “lol this person fell asleep on public transit” i just think wow what a blessed life you live where you’ve never been that tired or close to that tired yourself. you find this novel and funny? leave them alone. i’ve fallen asleep on a bus shout out to my regular driver who knew my stop.

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FOSS is the Luddite analogy of the computer revolution only with garbage politics and zero self-awareness

VR headsets as a type of display for computers hold a lot of potential imo but maybe just cus I'm a nerd

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Commonly but not universally known fact 

HUD stands for "Heads-Up Display" because it keeps you from needing to look down to read your instruments

I wish my new shirt said, the gays and trans, can do whatever they want. Even so though, love this new shirt

I had the realization today that the reason I've historically been attracted to so few men is because I thought I was attracted to men homosexually when in fact I'm attracted to men heterosexually. With this new lens, my appreciation for men has only grown.

The inverse is also true for women, I'm realizing while typing this.

god has allowed me to live one more day and im about to make it everybody else’s problem

union membership fundraiser! 

my amazing wife has passed muster, the Millwrights Union Local 2232 wants to take her on as a full apprentice! The pay and benefits will literally solve all our problems and allow us to finally give back to the community.

But, it's $177 in dues and she only got 20hrs last week which had to go to Everything Else.

Please consider helping Jess join the Union today!
#union #mutualaid
$app: $glamorshark
vmo: @londonshine
revolut: @glamorshark

Can we make a pact to only boost described media? I'm sure covenanting on only making described media would probably be too hard at this point, but one step at a time. Also I'm sure I've boosted an undescribed thing or two, but perfection isn't to be the enemy of the good here.

#a11y #accessibility

I'm trying to quit my job and work for a diff start up but I'd be an independent contractor. I have no knowledge of what that entails and don't know how to report that on taxes or to my college for the FAFSA and CSS. If it's not worth it, I won't take the startup's offer and I'll stick it out in this job.

Talk to me like I'm five please.

Help bring Rapheal home! Our relative Rapheal is currently serving a life sentence for defending himself. Rapheal's story is a moving one about resilience, healing from abuse, and standing up for yourself. Watch his Ted Talk and consider donating to his legal defense here: If you can't donate, please share and help us get !

imagining a “Far Side pearly gates”-style heaven where there’s just a whole line of people waiting for their turn to fight Paul

regarding the death and injury of crew members on Rust by Alec Baldwin

"social murder" is a term coined by Engels wherein the ruling class places the workers in such a position that inevitably, they will die

the unionized film crew warned of irresponsible behavior from a non-union armorer and walked out to protest

they were ignored, filming continued without safety changes, the incident became inevitable at that point

Shitpost gauchiste 

Piqué ici :

(oh et du coup, le thread sur Pierre Clastre, l'état et l'ethnocentrisme d'où ça viens est vraiment intéressant :

Also like, on this subject, please remember AI colorizations are not reliable, here's what happened when someone ran black and white versions of these vibrant images through an AI (twitter link)

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