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You deserve to be safe, healthy, and happy no matter what.

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I have created a simple little website to help keep the sad away by showing random pictures of cute animals. It's still a work in progress, notably in that I want to add something for folks using screen readers. It also has a fairly small collection of pictures; if anyone would like to contribute, feel free to shoot me a DM with pictures!

Its URL is (for the time being, at least) - enjoy!

please... please stop using elementary's AppCenter as a software center and make one that doesn't consume 38% of my CPU *when I haven't launched it*

you know what's sort of odd, like that command lines in linux or whatever you can't set your locale to like russian and type лс instead if ls like why has nobody done this also like literally any language where generally you're typing in non-latin letters there should be either phonetic or linguistic aliases in that writing system

TIL #Atlanta has a small network of community #MutualAid free food fridges around the city.

"Free99Fridge is a brightly-colored, food-filled fuck the system."
- Latisha, Founder

i dont like that my notification need to be acknowledged actually

you don't need dysphoria to be trans. you simply have to like my little pony

I played many videogames as a kid, so I became a gay mare

i live in a cyberpunk dystopia ("britain")

apparently one of the first 22 recordings ever made in Panama is of a protest song about US colonialism there and, specifically, the displacement of Indigenous peoples during the building of the Panama Canal

the kicker is it was recorded by US sound engineers who "probably had no idea what they were recording" lmao

Evolution is randomly generated emergent gameplay

Taxes (+) Free Prep in Minneapolis/Saint Paul 

I did my taxes yesterday. Brain fog most of the day today. But I got it done! yay!

I go to Prepare and Prosper for free tax prep. They are great! But this year they are only doing a limited number of in person or zoom prep sessions, and those filled up right away. However, they still have openings for webinars for how to do your own taxes using their free software, TaxSlayer. They do taxes for low income people.

Don't let people get away with using brain injury as an insult. There are real life consequences beyond hurt feelings and that could cost adequate medical care for those who need it.

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It's #BrainInjuryAwarenessMonth and I'd just to tell people to stop using brain injuries as a metaphor for evil, incompetence, or another undesirable trait. People with brain injuries spend lots of time and money rebuilding our lives, and we face plenty of medical discrimination.

covid, mental health, therapy 

i Mega Need Therapy rn but the last i heard from my counselor she and her wife had covid

they're supposed to be out of quarantine but my phone is broken now and also she just got out of covid lockdown and I don't want to pressure her to do, y'know, emotional fucking labor, even for money, until she chooses to do so because she is well enough

If I go back to the hospital where I was born with my birth certificate, do you think I can get a refund?

“Big news! I have a surgery date! I need to make sure I have the cost of surgery paid by my pre op appointment (April 26th)! [...] I am tired of being afraid to leave my house without binding. I am just tired of the pain of binding in general. [...] this will save my life. I want my body to feel like a home. Help me out with that❤️“

Venmo: @Dee-Farries
Cashapp: $pizzafemmeboi

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