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I have created a simple little website to help keep the sad away by showing random pictures of cute animals. It's still a work in progress, notably in that I want to add something for folks using screen readers. It also has a fairly small collection of pictures; if anyone would like to contribute, feel free to shoot me a DM with pictures!

Its URL is (for the time being, at least) - enjoy!

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My partner and I live in Alabama so we went to get her first tattoo yesterday. I think it's pretty badass.

"(...) algorithms do not see the world with mathematical detachment but instead tend to replicate or even amplify historical cultural biases. (...) Experiments by WIRED using the official photos of 10 men and 10 women from the California State Senate suggest the study’s findings still hold. (...) Google’s top suggested labels noted a smile for only one of the men, but for seven of the women. The company’s AI vision service labeled all 10 of the men as “businessperson,” often also with “official” or “white collar worker.” Only five of the women senators received one or more of those terms. Women also received appearance-related tags, such as “skin,” “hairstyle,” and “neck,” that were not applied to men."

Sure, let a bunch of Silicon Valley incels shape the world we live in, what could go wrong?

what does a lumberjack do at the computer? 

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2 more months for these excellent stickers to be relevant... my legal team is advising that I absolutely do not recommend that you use them for vandalism, and they do not look perfect on the window of your local city hall. $2 each, free shipping in the US

the best part about emojis is that if your text input chokes on them, it also chokes on Languages That Don't Use The Latin Alphabet so yes you should be pressured into fixing that

School, -, mh 

I'm having a minor panic attack now it's fine

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School, - 

I went to check my information to apply for graduation and saw my entire French major and my Blount minor, both of which I had completed, are missing from my DegreeWorks, which tracks credits and things.

I'm freaking the fuck out.

People need to learn to see the world as a positive sum game. Anything that benefits one of us, benefits all of us. Anything that disadvantages one of us, disadvantages all of us.

It’s that simple.

fucking with a moose is a mistake you can only make once

imagine making a vampire slice of life but none of them are gay. cannot believe the audacity

You can tell that video games have been elevated to the same level of artistry as movies because both of their biggest budget offerings are fascist propaganda

Skeleton World Building 

Skeletons all have a "flame" inside of them that can be destroyed (with great difficulty). This flame is tied to the Elder Flame, the great fire that was started by the necromancers who came to the calcic planes and tried to remove their souls from their fleshy bodies creating a soul giving agglomeration of magic (The Elder Flame)

"Nekros, isn't this just the First Flame from Dark souls"


One of my earliest introduction to the mysteries of the web was stumbling across a geocities website dedicated to collecting vampire folktales and mythology. They were in what I now know to call a webring of sites that specialized in different mythical creatures. Werewolves, unicorns, dragons.

It was pretty cool.

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yelling at the hardware store clerk because the fluorescent light bulb i got didn't cook my dessert in my easy bake oven

Give me a 7 1/2 hour dubbed German film that's just deep lore about vampire history, culture, and politics

ok spicier take, but metadata about the content, themes, and endings of media resources is what librarians exist for, and such queries as “queer × fantasy × adult audience × no lesbians die × happy ending” would be entirely within reach with a well-funded and well-stocked library system attentive to the needs of various communities

muting that down to a sliding-scale sticker on a book cover or a line at the top of a review is hilarious in how entirely it fails to perceive the problem

:nes_fire: Super Hell RPG alpha 1.1 build :nes_fire: 

Hello friends, I have completed the first major update to my hellish text adventure game. You can now venture out of the horrible hotel and get into all sorts of trouble in the streets and shops below. If you would like to play test it, it's live on my website! Pls send me any bugs or typos you find. CW descriptions of violence, drugs, alcohol, body horror, and probably more lol :nes_fire:

@FirstProgenitor really, the worst aspects of shipping are the fault of logistics engineers and artifical scarcity crises! not even sure what tumblr has to do with it!

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