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Well, color me a liar, I done did finished a project!

You can check out a fully functioning, fully acceptable to show people version of Minesweeper that I wrote from scratch using the code editor formerly known as Scratch in Vala with Gtk right here:

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I have created a simple little website to help keep the sad away by showing random pictures of cute animals. It's still a work in progress, notably in that I want to add something for folks using screen readers. It also has a fairly small collection of pictures; if anyone would like to contribute, feel free to shoot me a DM with pictures!

Its URL is (for the time being, at least) - enjoy!

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My partner and I live in Alabama so we went to get her first tattoo yesterday. I think it's pretty badass.

But then you run into fun stuff like, Microsoft can copyright the entirety of Windows but if I can implement an identical OS from scratch they have no legal claim over it whatsoever, assuming I don't use copyrighted images.

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Copyright is a wild concept. "I had this idea and now, legally, no one else can."

welcome to my new social network, regexers dot club. to create a post, you are given the entire works of shakespeare and you have to write a regex command in 50 characters or less to create the post you want

I need a new drive just for Halo: MCC jfc half my 256GB are full already and nothing else on the entire system comes close to just one of those games.

Well, Outward, but... I love Outward too much to not have it since I can actually run it now.

sure you can be asexual and horny as hell at the same time. AMA

mathematically incorrect gender shitpost 

What getting this new computer has taught me more than anything is that hardware itself is surprisingly easy to lock down. Like... Elementary runs okay, but even with the latest drivers and a HWE kernel, I keep running into firmware problems to which there is simply no solution. And I'm scared to even try switching distros because if Debian with nonfree firmware couldn't work on this laptop, I highly doubt any other non-commercial distro will be able to.

...maybe Pop!_OS, though? But GNOME...

On 1941 Manolis Glezos climbed the Acropolis and tore down the swastika flag, he passed away today at the age of 98

and i screamed :blobexclaim: the real universal language

"Street Fighter" review: nobody fought any streets, 0/10

the door is guarded by two lizards. one is lying on a warm rock. the other is telling the truth on a cold rock

Context is the only thing that ever matters, really, because without context, nothing means anything.

I suspect this insight applies outside the realms of pure thought, too.

I knew of this person but I didn't know she did so much other cool stuff besides crazy mental math

today i saw an nbphobe call people with highly specific gender/sexuality labels "glitterqueers" so basically i'm reclaiming that now

@dragon low art is whatever the hell I'm making on a day to day basis

J'ai été en famille d'acceuil pendant deux mois, et c'est Maud, ma tutrice, qui a pris ces photo

Il se trouve que je suis sur cette photo.
C'est le premier endroit où j'ai été en sortant de la cage.

a simple sql shell in python 

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