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I have created a simple little website to help keep the sad away by showing random pictures of cute animals. It's still a work in progress, notably in that I want to add something for folks using screen readers. It also has a fairly small collection of pictures; if anyone would like to contribute, feel free to shoot me a DM with pictures!

Its URL is (for the time being, at least) - enjoy!

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My partner and I live in Alabama so we went to get her first tattoo yesterday. I think it's pretty badass.

Realized that I haven't posted this here. ❄️

I've wrote down a step-by-step tutorial for how to install #nixos with #tmpfs (RAM) as root file system:

But since I've also use tmpfs as filesystem for my home directory, I made a follow up for that:

#linux #foss #nixos #cornercase

Boosts is ok :)

Oh wow. Finally found a bureaucrat at my university who isn't a demeaning asshole every time I have to ask a question to figure out what questions I need to ask or to whom.

shitty racists in south philly are threatening the safety of black queer organizers. pls send funds to Cashapp:$inquietica or Venmo: Scuttle316

pol vaguely 

I'm gonna get an extremely powerful electromagnet and use it to wipe my memory.

when did humans and cats? like for dogs it was about 12,000 years ago, give or take a couple thousand years

but when did the cats?

but now I just have a program that will do this for me, no questions asked. i only need it like once every couple months, but hey, it's my life and i can waste it how i want to

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it only took me an entire day but i wrote a program to replace a given string across several files
embarrassing tbh

I cannot even describe the tambourine of the angular gender.

If you don't know about the time that PepsiCo had the world's sixth largest navy, consisting of 17 soviet submarines, a frigate, a cruiser, and a destroyer, then you are severely missing out

Savoir inutile ; Anecdotes de mon arrière grand-père sur les gendarmes et la guerre 

survey monkey dot com isn't what I thought it was, u just survey normal humans. I am in need of monkey opinions

i see a fair amount of "your trans body is beautiful" motivational posts, but i think an equally important sentiment is "you're hot and you're not cis in the slightest and that fuckin rules"

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