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Apollinaire is one of My Queers™; that is, queers, alive or not, with whom I feel a deep affinity. Other examples include Taliesin Jaffe; Oscar Wilde; William Shakespeare; and Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roche Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de la Fayette.

In the case of Apollinaire, well, he was a poet. And he had this inbred celebration of war and its violence, and he revolted at its horror. He doubted his homeland, and felt a keen sense of duty. He was the masculinity of his time, and distinctly queer

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Oh, and I can't forget Cyrano de Bergerac. Jesus I love that man.

Queer? Loved barfights? Highly educated? Loved sci-fi? Yes, honey.

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Ironically, many of these people are Party Gays. I myself am not A Party Gay, but I celebrate and respect the lifestyle. I'm perhaps even envious of that confidence and freedom.

Also my best friend of many years is A Party Gay and I love and support him.

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