I can't remember who I follow was talking about problems with the Calibre Flatpak the other day, but if you happen to see this, there's another GNOME ecosystem e-reader called Foliate that has really good design as well as being able to download your ebooks directly from Gutenberg or any other similar website.

Even if you're not that person but you're into ebooks on the computer, check out Foliate

@marie_joseph big agree. Calibre is *good* at managing metadata but *not so good* at reading with

foliate is very pretty
fbreader is less pretty but works on my potato better

@marie_joseph Will have to look into this. I am not a huge fan of Calibre thus far.

I finally got LineageOS working better on my tablet, and am using PocketBook as a PDF etc. reader on there, but I don't think it's free software. I need to look for a better alternative on F-Droid, since I would prefer to read e-books on there (it's a Nook Galaxy Tab that works quite nicely for that sort of thing).

@greyor I started using Calibre about... I guess 8 or 9 years ago, when I first ever heard the term "free software." And I loved it because I could put it on a USB drive and put all my ebooks on it and just have a bunch of books and a way to read them on any Windows PC. It's a great project, and I don't in any way want to diminish that or the work that's gone into it.

It's also just really old and has a lot of cruft, unfortunately.

@marie_joseph Makes sense! It's OK, just not entirely my thing, and I'm sure it works great for many! Foliate looks nice, although I thought it might read PDFs too, but looks like it's just epub.

I have a few epubs, but most of my ebook collection is PDF (like the recent Be The Change Humble Bundle -- I downloaded all of that in PDF).

@greyor oh, that's a huge oversight, my mistake. I thought it could handle PDFs. Huh. That's a bit of a barrier to being a great e-reader imho

@marie_joseph It seems to handle epubs nicely, though, at least.

I have had trouble finding a nice PDF reader on Linux. I think I settled on qpdfview as my favorite. I used to use Evince and Atril, but really wasn't a huge fan of either.

@greyor @marie_joseph okular is pretty good if you want lots of pdf reading power

I tend to use evince or Firefox though because I'm boring

@beegrrl @marie_joseph I've used Okular but it isn't my favorite. I also am not keen on it needing like *all* of KDE's libs to function, since I am really not into KDE. I used to really like k3b for CD/DVD burning, so I'd endure them for that, but I don't have an optical drive anymore so that's out. I guess I use Marble here and there, which needs some of that too.

Yep, apt squawked, "0 upgraded, 75 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded" when I tested installing Okular just now.

@marie_joseph I love Foliate. It just lets you launch it with an ePub in the command line without insisting on managing a 'library'.
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