Write your website like your user has a 300KB/s connection because millions of us do

@marie_joseph I still write mine like I would still be behind an unstable ~50KB/s hotspot.

@lanodan @marie_joseph unstable 50kB/s hotspot is the average non-city french internet...

@Arteneko @marie_joseph Not sure what you mean by non-city, like a village?
The 50kB/s I had was when 4G wasn't much of an option yet and was too much on the move to get proper internet.

@lanodan @marie_joseph most of the non-main-city places are capped at around 200kBps, going down the further you go.

200m from my parents' place, there's a fiber line, the operator refuses to provide anything closer, so we're stuck with 50kBps for everyone.

@marie_joseph And many likely also have a limited amount of data available per month, in which case these modern massive websites are also terrible

@SigmaOne @marie_joseph
I only had 1GB data per month till very recently, so offline stuffs were my charm :)

@marie_joseph i was actually planning to thinning mine
it's so uselessly vivacious


pffff.. Of course online bank's freaking landingpage should be 10MB+ download! don't be silly..

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