KDE has some awesome technology but I dislike the aesthetic (I know you can theme it but I try to keep my software as vanilla as possible) and its particular desktop metaphor

@marie_joseph I really like some KDE applications, especially Elisa and KDevelop, and I love how GNOME is pushing software design beyond decades old paradigms, especially with GNOME Shell 40. I appreciate how GNOME pushes for removing complexity from designs, and also get frustrated sometimes when that is taken too far.

@marie_joseph What are your thoughts on the designs of Plasma Mobile and Phosh? I know both have plenty of bugs and rough edges; that's not what I'm asking about now.

@be I'm such a Debian fanatic that I've only used Mobian XD

@be a very cool and good friend pointed me to that multi-image thingy but I haven't used it yet because my PinePhone is my daily driver

@marie_joseph I love how easy the PinePhone makes it to try distros by putting the microSD card slot first in the boot order. I had major performance issues with openSUSE and audio was unusable on Manjaro. Plasma Mobile works on postmarketOS, but I didn't stick with it because I don't want to bother learning Alpine and it doesn't come with a lot of applications preinstalled so that's kinda required.

@marie_joseph There's interest in packaging Plasma Mobile for Fedora which I might end up helping with.

@marie_joseph I think that multi-distro SD card image is outdated now and everything is moving so fast that I suggest trying the latest image from whatever distro you want to try.

@be it would be cool if there were a Fedora for PinePhone. I kinda wanna see a BSD on PinePhone, but they have famously bad power management compared to even Linux so it also kinda scares me.

Yeah I appreciate that too even though I haven't taken advantage of it yet. It also makes installation easier.

@marie_joseph I got Fedora running on my PinePhone now but it took quite a lot of work yesterday. I'm exploring what I can do to make the process easier.

@marie_joseph I also like to keep my stuff vanilla! I'm glad I'm not the only one. I use KDE on Manjaro (on my Pinebook Pro), and I quite like it. It's not too pretty to the point of being distracting (unlike macOS), that's what I like the most about it; and it's also lightweight (yes, lightweight), with resource usage similar to Xfce (really).
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