Signal created targeted ads for Instagram that show the personal data that Facebook collects about you and sells access to.

They were blocked.

Image description 

White text on a blue background. Key words in constructions referring to the identity or description of "you" are in darker blue boxes. There's a Signal logo in the bottom right corner.

Text: "You got this ad because you're a newlywed pilates instructor and you're cartoon crazy. This ad used your location to see you're in La Jolla. You're into parenting blogs and thinking about LGBTQ adoption."


re: Image description 

@marie_joseph thanks, I always forget to describe the images I post. My bad. I need to pay better attention when posting images.

re: Image description 

@madcap @marie_joseph not always a bad thing! on mobile clients when you open image description still shows up over image, and sometimes covers it so tightly that you can't even see what the actual image looks like. But hey, we have at least nice description.

re: Image description 

@efftoyz @madcap you can always just download the web application and use it. On Android, I did this through Firefox, and on Mobian, I do it through GNOME Web.

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