Jokingly negative reinforcement of good habits 

This is my pseudocode for Ada Lovelace's Note G algorithm. Obviously still a WIP, notably because I'd like to do this with recursion, but I haven't even been able to write this up yet.

It's a cute cat, you should definitely look at it. 

a bad joke about queerness and astrology 

Here's my D&D party! My character is on the far right and he's a cleric, the artist's is in front and she's a sorcerer, the one in the middle is glamoured in this but that's our rogue, and off to the left is our monk.

Our DM made our characters and we just picked who we wanted to play, which tbh has made for the most fun roleplaying I've ever done.

I put the elementary logo 90° off but anyway here's my laptop atm

This is what the Hoplite clone (Hoptite atm until I come up with a better name) looks like rn. I have depth progression and health increases/healing rather than the original powerups for now. I've finished all graphical assets, although I obviously haven't implemented most of them.

Food, trans pride 

I did it. I found the most cursed usage of backticks possible.

@Jaymajaym sent me this super cute pin and these super cute stickers and I love them so much :gribz_3: thank you again!

One of my girlfriends' cats brought in a rat kitten this morning and she (my girlfriend) saved it and we're going to try to raise it

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