Implied lewd 

Linux help request, screen reader unfriendly 

a joke about the USSR 

it's self-care night. i'mma write some Python and play with data.

Squirrel eating pecans 

i feel like "more makefile than c" should be a saying now...

talkin' 'bout code mistakes 

aaaaand i immediately read this sentence lmfao what the actual fuck, D

this is cool as hell, but what the fuck

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i'm weeping in gratitude, thank you D, this is something i've wanted in literally every language

So I'm trying to find a new name. I came across this one. It would be cool because I could pronounce the first syllable "vibe" and tell people "I am simply Vibia" but I think that meme may already be dead. Idk things move so fast and I, I move leisurely, like my comrades the glaciers.

pers, light venting about school stuff 

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