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want to dismantle capitalism? abolish humanity

I just had a brief glimpse into and big oof

market crash salad:
- 70tn tomatoes
- 50tn lettuce
- 500kg salt
- 500L olive oil
- 20tn white cheese

That scene in Spirited Away when Chihiro is pounding onigiri and sobbing is such a fucking mood

#Précarité : Une solution, le #salaire #étudiant

Au vu de la situation sociale, sans cesse déclinante, des é en Europe et de par le monde, certains syndicats étudiant défendent des mécanismes financiers permettant aux étudiants de suivre leur formation plutôt que de trimer pour subsister :

#AL #AlternativeLibertaire #Social

You should really watch Santa Clarita Diet, because it's the only show I've seen recently that presents killing and eating nazis as unambiguously morally correct, which it is.

I'm going to my first protest Sunday. Anyone got tips?

stock photos for all your stock photo needs, such as when you need this one to convey the idea of what this is:

Really great background info about that "two wolves" story here:
Please boost as you would a good meme.

I will go to my grave swearing this is the best musical performance since the first run of RENT closed:

Wow I guess my main interests in life really are just rats and computers and destroying unequal relationships of power in whatever form they may take...

Honestly I followed half of the people I follow because they mentioned rats and the other half because they talk about tech and I wanna learn from them

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