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Гей-прайды - это не про еблю в жопу, а про права человека.

Полиамория - это не про блядство, а про честность с партнёрами и с самим собой.

Толерантность - это не про отказ от ваших ценностей, а про нормальное отношение к людям, которые отличаются от вас.

Запомните, пожалуйста.

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Суть гомофобии в одной фразе:

Гомофоб требует, чтобы другие люди занимались сексом так, как нравится ему.

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@mrmcmayhem Corporate, huh?

We are small volunteer team from Mykolaiv - the city that is being heavily bombed by Russia every single day. We are helping both civilians and military that protect our city. And also - we don't sell our merch, we give out these t-shirts for free to people who support our cause.

Now if you really want to do the right thing and help people in need - you can donate to our volunteers. Your donation may save someone's life.

Back when I was a sociology student at Kyiv-Mohyla, I was stupidly, shamelessly enamoured with the collective western Left. I dreamed of a day when Ukrainian academia would have widespread and popular discussions about colonialism, privilege, and all of the -isms.

I read essays by prominent English-speaking activists and thought “oh, if only these brilliant people were to learn about Ukraine and its complicated past, about the discrimination we have faced throughout the centuries, about the genocides and revolutions. They would understand us. They would probably share valuable experience or help us somehow lay down the theoretical groundwork that would explain all of the traumatic events we’ve witnessed and lived though.” I was… dazzlingly naive.

And now, when my country is under attack from a literal kleptofascist empire that openly declares it’s going to commit ethnic cleansing, when our children and women die in agony, and when our academics and queer activists, nihilists and journalists, writers and liberals, doctors, teachers, feminists and conservatives, Muslims and Jews, atheists and clergymen are desperately fighting against a better-armed, bloodthirsty enemy intent on levelling our cities with the ground, burning our fields, raping us, killing us, blowing up our hospitals and destroying our monuments, I look at the abstract western Left (or, at least, its most vocal part) and I see nothing but scorn in their eyes. Scorn, condescending, privileged carelessness.

They preach equality and resistance to oppression and yet accuse people like myself (feminist queer women who’ve spent their lives striving for equal rights) of being Nazis because we don’t want to kneel over and die in silence.

They talk about the importance of representation and yet shut us up whenever we try and tell them about our experiences.

They write books about us without turning to a single Ukrainian expert for guidance or information.

They accuse others of being privileged and lacking empathy, and yet can’t seem to grasp the concept that not being in an active war zone and not worrying about your loved ones dying at any given moment is, in fact, privilege.

They claim that we do not deserve sympathy because we aren’t doing enough for LGBTQ rights in this country — and then proceed to ignore the LGBTQ soldiers risking their lives on the frontlines.

They spout careless, hurtful bullshit, quoting their out-of-touch idols who preach absolute pacifism only because it’s not their lives at stake.

I know not all western leftists are like this. Obviously not. I know many of them do sympathise with our plight, and I’m thankful for their support.

But the ones who treat this invasion as an excuse to build long-winded theories about how NATO is some ever present universal evil, or treat all of this as some sort of twisted ethics exercise, a trolly problem in which Ukrainians are the sacrificial savages who need to die quietly before real people start suffering from high gas prices or nuclear war… I’ll never forget those.


originally posted by Oleksandra Povoroznyk on Twitter
How is war? Glad that no one asked. I'll tell.

War is worrying all the time. Not about you, but about the people you meet. Anyone can die at any point. You can't stop connecting to great people so you just worry every day, all the time.

War is being sleepless.

Waking up from air raid sirens in the middle of the night or in the wolf hour, remembering some article in NY Times about sleep hygiene. Well, fuck that, because the phone tells you if Russia is trying to bomb you for being here.

War is knowing horrible stuff.

Things you can't tell, because you promised. Or because it's obvious. It's carrying a lot of sadness and anger you can't even share, because you need to protect people. And you can't even scream.

War is watching children.

Always the children. Playing in the park. Grabbing their moms hand during the air raid sirens, out at the wrong time. About wanting to scoop them up and save them. Even when you know there is no safe place.

War is about love.

Because it is everywhere. Teenage girlfriends hugging their boyfriends in the park before they go to the front. Because it might be the last time. It's about sending your mum a list of email adresses that should know that they were loved, if you die.

War is hate.

White flashes of cold hate. Red flashes of burning hate. Simmering hate in the blood. Knowing it will never leave. You have to find a way to carry it carefully so it won't spill it.


originally posted by Maggie Richert on Twitter

#war #NAFO #Ukraine
Olenivka POW massacre thread

1) it wasn't a GMLRS rocket
2) it was a thermobaric weapon
3) russia staged it and did so (as usual) incompetently

Firstly: keeping POWs so close to the front violates Article 19 of the Third Geneva Convention making it a war crime.

Secondly: Olenivka is about 15 km from the frontline. Striking a target so close to the front with sparse and expensive long-range GMLRS rockets, when one could use 105 mm artillery rounds that cost around 0.4% of a GMLRS rocket makes no sense.

Thirdly: Olenivka has been a well known DNR POW and concentration camp for years (and a penal colony for decades). So much so that the wives of the POWs knew about it. One needs to be a delusional russian troll or propagandist to believe Ukraine would strike this target.

In short: russia staged it. russia never wanted to return the Azovstal defenders to Ukraine, where they would receive a hero's welcome. Executing them would result in war crime charges and endanger russian POWs in Ukrainian hands.

At the same time HIMARS gave Ukrainians hope, so russia decided to stage the murder of the POWs as if a GMLRS rocket had killed them to dampen the Ukrainians' joy at HIMARS.

The russians did the same with CAESAR: shell Donetsk city, then blame it on CAESAR by presenting russian artillery fired 152 mm shell fragments.

But, like in Donetsk, the russians stages the "rocket attack" incompetently, because none of them knows how a GMLRS works.

This is the building that was hit in Olenivka. It's made from concrete bricks with a thin tin roof... and it still stands (!!).

Thanks to russia I can show you what a GMLRS missile does when it hits a building: walls blown out, concrete ceilings shattered, rebars ripped apart, everything smashed and thrown around, and no fire damage (!).

If we compare a real GMLRS impact to the staged one in Olenivka - there the explosion was so weak the beds didn't even move an inch, not a single brick was blown out, the steel pillar is undamaged, but there is massive fire damage.


But the ultimate proof that this was not a GMLRS rocket is the lack of an impact crater. This photo shows a GMLRS impact crater. At Olenivka - none.

GMLRS M31 rockets hit a target at a 90 degree angle with Mach 4+ to smash through roofs and detonate inside (and also to smash the secret guidance system, GPS components, and sensors at the tip of the missile). The tin roof of the building in Olenivka is too weak to smash in and trigger a GMLRS rocket, therefore there would have to be an impact/detonation crater in the middle of the room, if a GMLRS rocket had struck. There isn't.

Also M31 GMLRS rockets contain 51 lb of PBX-109, a mix of 64% RDX and 20% Aluminium and 16% HTPB/IPDI plastic fillers. The Aluminium is used to increase blast effects, but it is not a thermobaric weapon that burns a target out.

If a GMLRS rocket had struck Olenivka there wouldn't be any burned bodies inside... the blast would have ripped everyone apart, not burned them alive.
A thermobaric weapon burns victims, while leaving bodies intact.

Olenivka was NOT hit by a GMLRS rocket.
russia used thermobaric a weapon to burn the POWs in their sleep. The fire damage to building and victims, and the missing impact crater and the lack of blast damage proves this.

This was premeditated murder, just like at Katyn.


originally posted by Thomas C. Theiner at Twitter.
Some thoughts on Russian culture and the debate around it. And why i think that we won't understand Russian aggressive stance towards democracy and the West without analyzing some deep topics in the Russian literature and intellectual history.

I think Russian culture should be approached in the same critical manner as Western academics approach Western culture. Pushkin and Dostoyevsky should be approached in the same critical way as Flaubert or Kipling etc.

If you cross this mental barrier, you suddenly realize that "great Russian culture" has no less (or even more) imperialism than any other culture backing an empire. Suddenly you realise how imperialistic is Pushkin's "Poltava" and how xenophobic is Dostoyevsky's messianism.

Or you realize that the origins of today's Russia mad anti-European and anti-democracy mood are precisely in the "great Russian culture". For example, that Dostoyevsky's "Demons" are addressed against "corrupt" influence of Western ideas.

Or that Tiutchev was thinking that democratic revolutions in Europe are the utmost evil, and Russia's cruel autocracy is Europe's only chance to save itself. Or that Tolstoy was thinking (together with some French authors like Proudhon) that the war is a "divine fact".

The problem is that the world hasn't looked at the Russian culture critically. It adopted Russian self-narration as an "alternative" to the West but failed to critically analyse how imperialistic and xenophobic this "alternative" often is.


Originally posted by
July 3, 2022

from, July 23, 2022 

Today, posters «НЕТ ВОЙНЕ» were printed on one of the main stages of Berlin Pride. Here is a thread why this slogan should not be represented in Europe in any way, especially as the centrepiece of stage posters at a human rights event such as the Christopher Street Day parade in Berlin 👇

«НЕТ ВОЙНЕ» (no war, no to war) is misleading. It is not a new slogan and it didn’t just appear by itself – «НЕТ ВОЙНЕ» is a weaponization of pacifist narratives used by russian propaganda to blur the divide between good and bad, to redefine values, and to sow doubt in the truth.

It also does not specify which war it is, who is the aggressor, or what one can do about it – it literally says nothing. It is meaningless noise – at a time that calls for clear, unambiguous statements.

«НЕТ ВОЙНЕ'» is naive:
The war is already ongoing; simply rejecting it and, like a child, hoping that it will go away is not going to end it...

The war should end when the aggressor is rebuked and justice is restored; anything short of that is uneducated westsplaining and fantasy. The imperialist oppressor must be resisted – this is the uncomfortable reality of Ukraine’s fight for existence, freedom and human rights.

«НЕТ ВОЙНЕ» is irresponsible:
It is often used by russians who come to Europe and want to continue their “business as usual” rather than honestly confront the reality of war; it is like a password that you should pronounce for everyone to open the doors for you.

«НЕТ ВОЙНЕ» reeks of privilege and virtue signalling.
If you can say “no to war”, then you’re not at war; there is no russian army destroying your home and killing your loved ones.

And, last but not least:
«НЕТ ВОЙНЕ» is in the language of the aggressor. How could it be that an event that celebrates love and diversity puts at its center the language of the state that wages war against these very values and the people who support them?

How could it be that the language of the oppressor is given a spotlight with a political slogan, while the language of the oppressed is put in its shadow with a toothless motto?
As long as such details do not get proper attention, the propaganda continues to spread.

It is a great pity that it happened at CSD, a celebration of love and pride.
Numerous Ukrainian participants had to undergo the pain and stress of once again
being confronted with such insensitivity and witnessing the repression of Ukrainian
subjectivity and perspective.

Для тех, кто спрашивает "чем тут гордиться"

RT В стране, где лютейшая гомофобия поощряется сверху, быть самим собой это подвиг.



В 1922 году (ровно сто) при образовании СССР в УК не была включена статья за мужеложство. Вернулась она только в 1943, негласно.
СССР был одной из первых стран, отменивших это преследование.
В 1928 году СССР был признан передовой страной мира в вопросе сексуальной терпимости.

Как же так получилось? Ведь Рамзан Ахматович говорил, что геев в Чечне нет 🤔

Раз в тюрьмы попадают случайные люди, значит нормальные человеческие условия в тюрьмах должны быть ДЛЯ ВСЕХ.

Я уж не говорю о том, что от попадания в тюрьму не застрахован никто. "От сумы и от тюрьмы не зарекайся". Делайте тюрьмы такими, чтобы в них не ужасно было сидеть вам.

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RT Безусловно, есть политические заключённые и те, кто попросту попал под жернова системы. Этого я и не отрицала. Я сочувствую тому же Хованскому (хотя я негативно относилась к его творчеству и он вызывал неприязнь), тому же Навальному (хотя не во всем с ним согласна) и тому же

Ругаться надо не на тех, кто до бесконечности расширяет аббревиатуру ЛГБТК+, дописывая в неё новые буквы - ведь они делают это из лучших побуждений.

Ругаться надо на тех, кто сокращает аббревиатуру до "ЛГБ", "ЛБ" или "ГБ", демонстративно вычёркивая целые группы людей.

Дед Мороз: выдуманный персонаж, от имени которого родители дарят вам подарки

Зубная фея: выдуманный персонаж, от имени которого родители дарят вам деньги

Бог: выдуманный персонаж, от имени которого незнакомые дяди в странной одежде требуют от вас трахаться так, как нравится им

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