Transfeminine HRT facts:
– Most of the time, you don’t need blockers to lower your T and lowering it too much (< cis women range) is dangerous
– Progesterone is useful in breast development, for maintaining low T levels, and as a natural antidepressant (like T)
– You need «high» hormone levels, being in menopausal cis women range is not enough
– Not bio-identitical hormones work poorly with side effects
– Oral estrogen is not good in the long run, prefer gel, patch or injection

More facts:
– According to a lot of anecdocal evidence from me, people I know and some doctors, correcting hormones levels or adding progesterone can trigger an otherwise stalled breast development (and fat redistribution etc.)
– Bicalutamide is an effective antiandrogen with fewer side-effects used successfully by some doctors, but most of them prescribe (sometimes because it is not covered) more risky Cyproterone acetate, Finasteride or Spironolactone.

And by stalled breast development, I mean *for years*. The human body can have a second puberty — even when old — with the right hormones, so this isn’t surprising that it is still able to change when a dosage is corrected even if it didn’t move (much) for months or years (obviously this isn’t magical but there is *hope*).

@melunaka I've seen the progesterone (or rather progestin, so including cypro) claim on reddit before but all I can see from my friends on proge (but not too much cypro though) is they have bigger and nicer boobs on average.

@kit_ty_kate well cypro is a very weak progestin so much of the effect might be the low dose of T instead of the direct effect of the cypro I guess but yeah

@melunaka mmh, I always read cypro was a strong progestin. I don't understand what you are saying. Why does low T would make breasts smaller?

@kit_ty_kate No, cypro is a weak progestin and most effects you would see with cypro is mainly because of low T and not its progestin effect

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