Fuck Fedilab, its dev, and people supporting him tbh

He makes money from people who use Gab and people who think it should not be blocking Gab.

Fuck that shit.

Weird, when we discuss how Fedilab’s choice could foster hainous discourse, everytime horrible people come. Like this one who published a drawing of a raped and killed woman.

Or maybe not so fucking weird right?

Oh, and obviously people defending not blocking Gab are for the overwhelming majority: cis white dudes not knowing anything about suffering from hate speech and its consequences.

Like the only fucking time I see a «drawing of a raped and killed woman» as I explained earlier, is when someone is explaining why she thinks not blocking Gab is bad.

Isn’t that fucking enough evidence that Gab and people supporting it are toxic as hell and not bringing anything positive vs spreading their fascist ideology??

I don’t think it’s far-fetched to remind ourselves how companies and capitalists didn’t care about fascism when it didn’t affect them or they profited from it. And they still don’t. They fight for it, even.

It's not far-fetched, it's just history books reading.

First example that comes to my mind is IBM that provided lots of calculators for the Nazi regime and no one in there had faced justice for it afterwards.

@melunaka you think your the police or smth? in activitypub blocking should be handled on the server or you are just duplicating effort. i don’t care for gab or hate speech, but i am super annoyed that y’all think you run the show. that’s really all there is to it. people telling people what to do really grinds my gears.

look i’m transgender and latina and a lesbian, i get it. thing is, i want you to fuck off with the witch-hunt memes. it’s getting fucking old to see the same old shit over and over and over and over and over. my tl isn’t your moderation log.

@xj9 I’m not the police and we don’t run the show; otherwise, fascists wouldn’t be a thing to worry about. And I’m not witch-hunting: I’ve serious concerns and arguments, while you’re insulting me.

If you don’t agree with me, you’re free to block me. I didn’t ask to appear in your TL.

@xj9 You understand that the opal that Darck Crystale warns people about and that you boosted showed up because of the discussion about Gab’s blocking? I never saw this kind of posts here before.

People like them should be denied a platform to not be able to spread their ideology. Fascists are humans, and everytime we make their lifes more difficult and their options more limited, we slow them.


i believe your tactical model is flawed. suppression doesn't work in a memetic conflict. especially in this case, what we have is a symbiotic meme pair. in other words, a self-perpetuating cycle of conflict. both sides are burning time/energy just to keep these memes alive.

i've seen it a million times, not really interested in watching it again.

@xj9 It seems your link doesn’t work (at least not on my end).

Also, it’s not suppressing but reducing their audience. I’ve a video a few dozens of minutes ago about how Edgy humor leads to violence, for example.

@xj9 I’m not really what you are trying to argue… We’re not targeting specific contents but denying a platform in the first place. It’s very different, right?


blocking works to defuse the symbiotic hate/anger cycle, but not if it is done in a way that sparks a new cycle. if you simply vanish you don't provide fuel to the system. this makes it harder to do coordinated containment, but you also avoid creating and/or feeding a symbiotic rage pair.

@melunaka I believe they use their own client called "Gabby" which is literally Tusky minus the Gab block.

@farhan I remember it’s just called Gab but yay they use that too, probably a lot more since it’s free

@melunaka really? I remember them posting that they block gab. Did their decision change?

@paulfree14 He backed off by saying he should be neutral and it should be handled at the server level, not in applications.

@melunaka I didn't realize this. Which android fediverse/masto app would you suggest as the best alternative? I have tusky but I'd had issues with it in the past so switched at some point a while back

@anomaly @melunaka Tusky has improved significantly. I stuck with it because I couldn't find any clients that didn't irritate me some way and it has slowly improved from tolerable to pretty good.

@robotcarsley @anomaly @melunaka I went from Tusky to Fedilab and back to Tusky and honestly except for polls it has all I want and does well on Android

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