I found a way to fix the rendering issue. That’s probably not a very clean way to deal with it but that’s already something.


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Now that I’m able to reproduce the bug locally, it doesn’t seem hard to fix.

I guess the first part of the bug can be fixed by looking at the code that’s run on the static front-end and doing the same thing on the logged-in interface.

The second part is mostly finding where does the crash happen exactly, the fix in itself should be really tiny.

I think it can be a good way to get involved in Mastodon development.

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Soooo I opened a bug report about the thing I talked about yesterday, regarding broken thread and the «broken thread black hole». I succeeded at reproducing the issue locally so that will be way easier to fix.


Hi, I move from @melunaka!

In short: I’m a woman and , angry and in . I define myself as close to , and .

I like and , (mainly and ), learning and speaking (German, Japanese, ), and music.

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