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really, only two answers are correct to "javascript is shit lolol look at my stupid equality comparison lol"

- implicit coercion is bad
- Array(10).join("nope" - 1) + " Batman!"

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Hewwo fediverse, Eldritch Radio is now live at !

It's a web player for media shared here with hashtags. Maybe you already know ? Eldritch Radio is greatly inspired by it but allow settings customization and is more user friendly (and gay).

Share your favorites songs with us :blob_rave: :bowsette_blonde:

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I might get back on my wip dead-simple live broadcasting platform and use this protocol.

No more fucking custom signaling and comptability with other softwares :blob_rave:

« Brave est fondé et dirigé par Brendan Eich un homophobe notoire et assumé qui finance des organisations anti LGBT ouvertement »
Les libristes: *silence* *bruit de criquets*
« derrière Brave est une boite capitaliste »
Les libristes : CEST INADMISSIBLE 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

trans surgery research 

Finally, we have some concrete data showing that contuining estrogen HRT through surgery doesn't increase the risk of blood clots!

A mocap suit is just a bunch of wisely placed 6DoF IMU and some software, right ?

What could go wrong ? :bowsette_blonde:

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I think this is a stupid idea btw but I'm so hyped by full body tracking applications

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*looking at*

NO, I'm not nerding on how to build a mocap suit for full body tracking :< (yes I am)

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I think I'll do something with A-Frame when I have some energy available, CodeMiko inspired me

All kinds of trans people
Dark eye makeup and
Combat boots


The only type of trans women that AFAB people love are white middle class nerdy trans women because AFAB people only want to interact with trans women who are shy, tradwifes, quiet, sweet, submissive, very self deprecating and hating themselves. Because you want to see us as "harmless". Because you can feel good about yourself when you say to them "oh but youre such a beautiful woman!" and theyre like "OMG THANK YOU!". (...)

I want a beat saber map of this remix

Yes, I'm talking of this remix in the 1 hour version

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me: I don't have the energy to work ...

me: I need-.. I need THE THING


:blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: :blob_rave: I CAN DO ANYTHING NOW

Happy to annonce that Souvenir works better than never on iOS since the last OS update (14.3)!
All the freeze problems during capture seems gone and the encoding is even faster!

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