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really, only two answers are correct to "javascript is shit lolol look at my stupid equality comparison lol"

- implicit coercion is bad
- Array(10).join("nope" - 1) + " Batman!"

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Hewwo fediverse, Eldritch Radio is now live at !

It's a web player for media shared here with hashtags. Maybe you already know ? Eldritch Radio is greatly inspired by it but allow settings customization and is more user friendly (and gay).

Share your favorites songs with us :blob_rave: :bowsette_blonde:

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je viens d'apprendre que Dart c'est pas mort et que c'est le langage derrière la techno Flutter :o

I'm crafting computer spells


I didn't say great spells

plain webview app might be better suited for the quick and dirty job tho

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*investigating react-native for android tv development*

I'm searching for "how to build and maintain a lineageos rom for dummies"

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je veux une rom lineageos maintenue pour mon mi 9 ouin

Et forcément fête de la musique pas de place pour me garer j'ai gagné à 1km de marche

This is the ideal shitpost format. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

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Can we stop and get some "abstractions" ?

Mom: We have "abstractions" at home


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Important note : This thread is not reply friendly, don't do that, I'll bite

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Null the million dollar mistake ? You don't know about inheritance mate.

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Filling inner void with aesthetic and computer parts is my sexuality

J'arrive pas à dormir et le mood qui spiral neg ah ah great

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