Nelson Monfort et Samuel Étienne (ma préférée, rien que pour le visage de Nelson Monfort)

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Sur une idée originale très drôle et très « nice » de @\69pointless (sur Twitter) : des célébrités en train de regarder le numéro 69 dans « Personne n'y avait pensé »

🧵 fil ⤵️

Valérie Maurice

I really wanna show off my Trans Pride Succubus Toyota Supra (from Gran Turismo 7) 😈🏳️‍⚧️

I really should take more photos of it in the future! 📸🏎️

suggestive doodles 

Here's a few doodles of my succubus persona! I'm planning on creating a character reference sheet ✨

I'm still debating on the shape of the leotard… hmm… it's a shame I can't remember precisely what I was wearing in the Succubus Dream™ I had in 2019. But I think the last picture is close to the vibe! 💜

We still don't know what type of pokémon Patreon is.

(> . <)
I want to go back to being flirty and intimate with the people I love.

And… I want to “be” a succubus again!

(. _ .)
I just,,, I lost confidence in the possibility of feeling safe while doing it.

Trauma truly fucks with your ability to trust and to feel safe, you know?

(. _ .)
Turns out, I am still longing for what I rejected…

The magic is not dead, it just doesn't know yet which path to take.

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Embellishing the city ~by night~

again with stickers by @maples

this was the occasion for me to take a fairly long walk! and to meet a very friendly cat

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