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Currently living in Italy (Sicily more specifically).

Things that I like:
- horror movies
- roguelike, indie, 2D platform
- linux, vim, coding stuff
- gattini
- gay af things

Feel free to use he/him or they/them pronouns. I'm still confused about my gender, I might be nonbinary but idk.

I was/am also at @mtrovy, but I wanted to check this place out :blob_cat_peek:

am i the only one who just _cannot_ relate or even give a shit about a piece of media if it doesnt have any amount of queerness in it?

im probably gonna use godot for it. i tried using unity since thats what everyone uses apparently but it ran like shit on my laptop

not complaining though, godot is way lighter and seems simpler to use too. documentation is also nice :blob_cat:

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I kinda want to try making a tiny game. I dont really have anything in particular in mind but it seems like it could be fun

how hard can it be, right?

yeah birds are cool and all but im trying to sleep can they be quiet a little longer please its 5 am

so yeah fuck instagram lol

I wonder if I can get good filters im other places

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selfies are good, actually. i should take them and share them more often

just need to remember to avoid letting bad people who make me feel shitty about myself see them

i wonder if one day i'll finally learn how fonts work on linux

feeling like you deserved your afternoon nap is great :blob_cat_snug:

music, zelda this made me feel less shitty for 4 minutes and 51 seconds :blob_cat:

working out 

i forgot how good stretching after working out is
i felt completely destroyed yesterday but today im not feeling sore or tired at all :blob_cat:

we must put an end to the heterosexual agenda


also, why? what did i do to deserve this lol i literally didn't know those peopleee

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i thought i was getting better at not giving a fuck when people are casually homophobic, but maybe not being outside as much anymore has made me worse. like i lowered my defences or something

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oh cool someone called me a fag today. i'm totally not gonna let that ruin my day ahah :(

negative, problems focusing 

im sorry if this is like something you'd find in some bad self help book but i've been struggling with getting things done a lot this year (like even getting out of bed somedays) :blob_sweat:

dumping things here helps a little

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negative, problems focusing 

ok apparently keeping a record of the things i do helps me a lot. writing notes, little reports and keeping them stored where i browse through them. makes me feel like i accomplished something, gives me motivation.

a great tool for this has been vimwiki, a vim plugin that lets you have your own wiki with any subjects you want.

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