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Currently living in Italy (Sicily more specifically).

Things that I like:
- horror movies
- roguelike, indie, 2D platform
- linux, vim, coding stuff
- gattini
- gay af things

Feel free to use he/him or they/them pronouns. I'm still confused about my gender, I might be nonbinary but idk.

I was/am also at, but I wanted to check this place out :blob_cat_peek:


guess who just tested positive :blob_melt_sob:

homophobic that i dont have at least 3 boyfriends rn

paracetamol is my best friend and i love it very much

hi fedi!

I have a friend who's running a survey for a uni assignment and they need some participants.
it's about mental health literacy and should take about 10 minutes to complete.
Feel free to ask any questions about the survey in the comments and I'll pass it along :blob_cat:

Here's the link

(oh and pls boost :boosts_ok:)

im finally getting my own domain this is a mistake


i got tapped by a guy and i saw that he was too far away from my location to make anything of it but i instantly went "i want that haircut! it's like mine but better" when i saw him.

pic is a bit slutty (duh) but maybe i can make it work with some cropping

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is it ok to show your straight barber some pics you took from Grindr lmao

Nous sommes aujourd’hui le Quintidi 25 Germinal de l’an CCXXX (230)
Nous célébrons le Pigeon 🐦🕊

mi hanno detto però che durante il fine settimana avrei avuto più successo :blob_cat_peek:

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anche se l'ultima volta che ci sono andato cercavo posti frequentati principalmente da persone queer ma ho fallito.

cioè ho trovato una bellissima libreria/book store ma non sembra il luogo più facile in cui introdursi. Forse sono solo difficile io

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i made the mistake of joining another game jam in this already busy week and we overshot way too much and as the programmer i have 1 hour and a half to finish things up lmao

body hair 

normalize only shaving your knee area and some parts of your thighs because you are incredibly lazy but still want to wear ripped jeans looking hairless

my life is somehow even more of a mess than when i've been here last and i dont know what im doing

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game jam 

hi still alive just wanted to archive this here, made this for the last Mini Jam. It was nice to have people help with the sprites and music, I had never worked on something like this with other people :o

I think it turned out pretty good for a jam game!

need to stop looking for places where i can journal things considering i have this account but i'm pretty dumb

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