ngl the "its open-source, just look at the code" argument is kinda pointless

yeah sure in theory i could, but even if i had the skills i dont feel like auditing potentially thousands of lines of code, and all the used libraries for just one thing idk i think it works for big things that you know people are actually gonna look at
like for the linux kernel that's totally a valid argument

@pastelpunkbandit well with the linux kernel theres more eyes on it, but also so much code that even if u had the skills u could never look through it all

i just think the argument that its inherently trustworthy is bs, even if its something as big as linux u still need to trust that random strangers have ur interests in mind when they give their ok

@pastelpunkbandit plus, wasnt there that questionable study recently where the authors got intentional flaws past the maintainers just fine?

@mxdragon "I've looked at the code, and found that you still don't give a shit about accessibility"

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