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Is it time for a ?

- I'm a writer, ex-journalist, now at a branding agency.
- I'm bi. My family doesn't know this.
- I talk about gender stuff, mental health, films/tv, linguistics.
- I speak ok French but I understand it well. Also: Malayalam, Hindi, Arabic.
- I grew up in the Middle East, studied/worked in India, live in Toronto now. All these places are home but also not home.
- I like meeting/talking to people virtually! Say hi!
- I also like bullet points.

the last time i went to the theatre was dec 27, 2019

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I have a friend who grades/reviews at the same transcription site I do and we've both noticed a pretty gross form of racism. Whenever a speaker in an audio file is either clearly a PoC from a video, or sounds like a PoC, very often the transcriptionist will alter the person's dialogue. They might be speaking perfectly clearly, but the TCer will 'start droppin' letters an' addin' their own interpretation of the speech, ya know' and 'that's somethin' I do' and not 'that's something I'd do'.

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20 years ago Douglas Adams died. This made a lot of people very upset and has been widely regarded as a bad move.

hmm toxic relative i haven't talked to in 5 years has sent follow request on ig, should i accept yes or no

brb currently making plans to replace unhealthy obsessions with healthy obsessions

When I moved to Canada, my first job was at a call centre that was 95% immigrants. My first thought when I got the job was, "shit, I don't have the accent, how did they even accept me" -- followed by the thought that they'd teach the accent in the training period. Except, they didn't. It wasn't important. I thought that was amazing.

But outside of that industry (where immigrant accents are accepted, almost *expected*), things are just ugly in terms of bias.

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The repercussions of this bias OUTSIDE of North America forces people without this mainstream accent to "put on" the desired accent; to have centres where education in English includes accent training; to even establish differences among their own kin as the "accented" one (meaning well-educated, higher in class and stature) and the non-accented one (not educated).

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Sometimes I feel like companies here say they're big on diversity etc., but what they really mean is diversity that speaks in the same North American English accent as themselves.

You're not really "inclusive" until you include people who speak differently, until you stop going "what?" every time someone with a different accent speaks, until you unlearn the bias that a different accent means they don't know the language as well as you (and this bias is something I've faced personally).

"When a rule-breaker breaks her world’s rules, the world tries to reestablish those rules, which in turn clarifies what they are, for the audience (and shows that the world is already broken)."

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“There is no contradiction between loving someone and being burdened by that person. In fact, love tends to magnify the burden.” Andrew Solomon

When someone you love is dealing with a mental health challenge, you will also be feeling a number of different feelings. You do carry a burden as a result; this is part of the weight of relationships. Do what you need to do to process that burden. You need a place to vent, to plan, and to learn in order to support your loved one who is struggling.

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sometimes you hear about how China has this ranking system that they use to enforce social control. Then the subject will change and the same guy will be like "yeah my friend needs a car but can't get one because he has bad credit." Oh word?

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Weed but not really 

(hits bong)
Make credit agencies illegal

today's challenge: finish 50+ pages of proofreading before body crashes from caffeine boost

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"Fine, so you are a magic sword. But honestly, your balance feels a bit off. Can you do anything else than talk?"
"I can speak every language."
"What use is that in a sword?"
"I can talk to your enemies, make you understand them."
"To make it easier to kill them?"
"No, harder."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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In other news, I am now in a "play ARK for many hours a day while ignoring real-life survival" phase

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Doing more work, bringing me closer to my goal of playing video games

sorry but everything else seems to pale in comparison to the dumpster fire that is india's covid situation right now

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