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Is it time for a ?

- I'm a writer, ex-journalist, now at a branding agency.
- I'm bi. My family doesn't know this.
- I talk about gender stuff, mental health, films/tv, linguistics.
- I speak ok French but I understand it well. Also: Malayalam, Hindi, Arabic.
- I grew up in the Middle East, studied/worked in India, live in Toronto now. All these places are home but also not home.
- I like meeting/talking to people virtually! Say hi!
- I also like bullet points.

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"why do you even need libraries when all the information in the world is on the internet" because it's all behind a paywall and the library is a battering ram


in an ongoing argument with my mother, she has acknowledged she does not understand patriarchy and how it has affected her.

i'm trying to find books/guides i can send that is simple in language and isn't overly theoretic.

she's 50+ and hasn't read a book in a really long time, she's probably not going to relate to the Western (white) context of feminism, and she has to start right at the beginning.

any recommendations in this light welcome!

world-building for my story, i created an arc where the protagonist goes to a "school" to learn 9 essential things from ancient masters. only "payment" students have to offer, is teaching other students something else. information exchange, basically.

so now i've to categorize this whole book under "fantasy" for this wildly unrealistic idea, huh.

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like cis people could not more evidently believe in social gender roles and participate in enforcing them by ostracizing ostensibly cis men and women who they don't feel "qualify". they just turn the tables when it comes to trans ideology because their belief in gender roles is all about regulating them

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rant / anguish / neg 

the worst outcome of this is a complete shut down just because i could not write ONE sentence smoothly with words flowing out organically.

i hate when this feeling just goes on to project itself onto *everything* else in life/my day.

because then it affects the plans i've made for whole day. what, now i've got to factor in my mood before finalizing plans? urgh

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ontario is into its newest extended lockdown, and so yesterday, just out of sheer frustration of EVERYthing, friends and i went out to the park to throw a ball around; kept away from joggers and walkers; and played out till our bodies wanted nothing more than sinking into a bed.

i'm going to do this every other day; i spent the last whole year thinking "ok just a few more months" and i've become SO unfit.

no more, no more.

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I just got too lazy to think of shortcuts and said, "let's just do this the hard way."

This will be a wonderfully taxing month.

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the real tragedy of the effort towards better handling of digital Arabic text is that even our loftiest goals are a compromise. most systems can't even do the super basic A in the first image correctly. few can pull off B, allowing letters to stack and bend, preserving some of the flourish and nuance of the script. the second image -- which is still text! -- is just not on the table. it's the kind of thing we're leaving behind to exist on computers.

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I'm convinced that all horror movies are just cats.

The darkness has eyes and is staring at you? Cat.
Things go bump in the night? Cat.
Teeth and claws? Cat.
Fast and growling? Cat.
Cute and small but it's actually a lie? Cat.

so anyway, I have now acquired a proper, functional laptop, which meanssss


currently looking at cottages in places I can't go to and being overwhelmed, how's your first day of work 2021 going

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Quick Pandemic Questionnaire – boosts appreciated 

I'm trying to get peoples' opinions on a few things for a thing I'm trying to write. Well, a few things really. So here are a few little questions. Make your answers as long or short as you like, share only as much as you want to, and just speak from the heart. There are no judgements or wrong answers.

I now have an IG alt where I post tarot stuff, shadow work and geek out about the moon or sunsets. These are things I wouldn't post about on my main because I feel like that's not who I am with the people from my past and I'd be judged pretty hard for what seems like a sudden u-turn.

So here's to moving off the main and making my alt the main in 2021!

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