Good folks out there, I seek to talk with anyone who works in a library of any kind!

I'm trying to understand what it's like as a work environment, get real-life examples of what sort of stresses and responsibilities it entails (won't ask for personal details/pay/location etc).

DM and replies open. Thank you!

@neeti I'm just a page, but my day to day experience is mostly shelving books, making sure things are in the correct order, and doing little odd jobs around the library such as finding items that are on hold (we have a list of these, daily) and helping clerks find specific items for patrons on the phone.

@witchfynder_finder @neeti yes hello! i am currently unemployed (by choice/health concerns) and have worked in a handful of libraries, mostly public

what kind of librarianship are you interested in? i think for public at least in my experience the biggest day to day stressors are being often underpaid/kept at part time employment and having to navigate covering a huge variety of roles that should really be individual positions. there's definitely a culture of "this job is important/morally good so you shouldn't complain." if you're in a programming position you will be thinking about work/prepping things on your own time and dime even if you aren't salaried

on the flip side there's also a surprising streak of anti-homelessness and very little patience for neurodivergent patrons esp among the older crowd

it can also be incredibly fulfilling/really fun! i tried to touch on the negatives since ppl don't talk about them much ime but if you want some positive experiences i have those stories too

@ebeth I'm still exploring what I'd want to do! And trying to figure out if I have the skills/ability to learn what's needed.

I appreciate you talking about the negatives; those are all very valid concerns (and there's always room to work to improving these things from within, maybe?).

Can I DM to talk about this further?

(and thanks @witchfynder_finder!)

@neeti hey what do you want to know? I'm a library tech, so I do mostly customer service type stuff. I help a lot of digitally illiterate patrons with computers, also look up a lot of phone numbers.

@neeti i worked in a library for a while, but it was for a student work-study job at my college so mileage may vary. i mostly just sat at the desk, checked in books, checked out books, and went to shelve the books i had checked back in every once in a while. all things considered a pretty low key job

@Dayglochainsaw low-key is exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks!

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