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hiii my name is Never. i'm a 37 year old trans jew.

I wrote some books. You can get them for free or pay at my website

I co-founded a clothing line called undying apparel. It's at

You can see what I'm working on now at

And occasionally I'll throw some music of mine online over at

It is also the first propaganda film to have a character in the film identify it as such. In a scene where the main character is speaking to the president's chief of staff, she says "Don't fuss with me, Gidget, I'm the protag of a propaganda flick and you're some poorly fleshed-out cannon fodder!"

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Trivia: She/They Brings Down the Federal Government was the first film to ever be distributed exclusively through networks originally established for media piracy.

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"Listen up buckaroo, I'm a she/they who's got a bone to pick with the federal government."

-iconic line from the film "She/They Brings Down the Federal Government"

Meedan, the non-profit where I work, is looking for a social media intern to help with comms. This is a paid position. Meedan is fully remote and has been for more than a decade.

This would be a great job for someone passionate about our mission, which you can read about here:

Can you command line edit your instance's block list or do you have to use the web interface? I mean, this is Linux so I assume it's gotta be stored in a text file somewhere, right?

i'll do a full move before too long, rn i'm sleepy, but if you wanna follow @pp that's my new account on my own instance :D

ok! looks like i've got hometown set up! the only thing that's not working yet is the email server.

setting up my mastodon instance and the mail server isn't sending and i don't know why. i'm using mailgun. i can only assume it's due to one of the hundred things that i didn't understand and copied over word for word or left at the default setting

If the movie Meet Me in St. Louis is anything to go by, halloween used to be so much cooler

you're telling me a cis teen built this chapel??

I'm going to tell my kids that this is the person who invented mastodon

Did you know all puppygirls go to heaven?

Yeah because hell hath no furry


Last toot was not meant as a subtweet I love u all I love yr boosts

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