Fediverse made me realize that a more boring social media is better. I'm not joking.

@giffengrabber I mean less drama, less cultivating of a slick "brand", no endless feed, recommendations of stuff I would like that clogs my feed up to try to get me to follow more, interact more, suck me in, keep me looking at the app

@giffengrabber the way most social media these days is highly algorithmed to keep eyeballs on it endlessly is bad for me and bad for my life

@never yeah, it’s all about maxing out on those “user engagement” KPIs to have something to show for the quarterly report

@never I agree. Hopefully a chance for people to hang out without becoming offensive. Disagree without being disagreeable. 😊

@carcinopithecus "not algorithmically calculated to keep my eyes on it as much as humanly possible" and "has a culture that does not expect people to turn themselves into a product in order to receive any interaction at all"

@never try LinkedIn. It doesn't get any more boring than that. 😂

@never "may you live in interesting tweets" is most definitely a curse.

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