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[EN] Hey there! I'm Meryl, a nonbinary softie from France, huge animal & plants lover, photographer and model. Also : kinda nerd, and very very gay.
I don't work a lot, due to anxiety and fatigue. I'm a bit of a graphic designer, and I make some erotica / porn.
Oh, sometimes I stream drawing sessions on Twitch! Please stop by to say hi!

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[FR] Hey ! Je suis Meryl, une douce personne non-binaire vivant en France, méga fan de plantes et d'animaux, photographe et modèle. Également un peu nerd, et vraiment super gay.
Je bosse très peu, merci la fatigue et l'anxiété. Je suis un peu designer graphique, et je produis des trucs érotiques / porn.
Oh, parfois je streame des sessions dessins sur Twitch ! Passe donc me faire coucou !

insect close-up (bee) 

self-portrait, lewd, underwear, pubic hair 

plant macro photo, slightly weird ? 

insect close-up 

Je suis quelqu'un de simple, tout ce que je veux dans la vie c'est un plugsuit moulant pour conduire des mecha, et un potager :blob_cat_melt:

very soft nudity, no boobs, no genitals 

depression, shitpost 

Me : "i'm not really furry"
Also me : commissions their fursona

self-portraits, eye contact, underwear 



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// hey folks! Bandcamp just announced they gonna make a "free of charges" day, each first friday of the month (for at least three more months), starting this week:

[ ]

// thanks to them, and you all, for supporting artists in these tough times for the industry <3

Making some Animal Crossing themed Telegram stickers for my butch love 🌻

kaleidoscope style shapes 

“artistic” nudity, pubic hair, no genitals, no boobs 


Making games is HARD. But lots of fun :blob_uwu:

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