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I appreciate you’re email.

I wanted to touch basis with you, on a couple of things.

In terms of my availability, I am available any time.

Can I just twist a number of ethernet cables together, without a switch or a router?

Or wait. Keep it the same and get a PoE switch and shove it in there

So I guess I just need to fit a modem/router in here, terminate the cables and plug them in the appropriate way. The only two caveats are power and moisture since it's outdoors

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Good night. Don't forget to take care of yourself.

There's cat5e cables in the wall but they aren't connected to anything. The internet guy took two if the wires from the a cable and hooked it up to the DSL thingy and left the others disconnected.

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If someone wanted to explain lenses, prisms, and traversables to me, I would be very very grateful

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