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i made an INFOCAT so my friends are less confused when i talk about my cats.

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had to abort the stream because i sort of broke my mic but you can still go to my website and find some art to download <3

aborted stream, mic broke all of a sudden and the webcam mic sucks.

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drawing streaming starting now! live at nudge nudge. come join me? drawing live streaming in portuguese if anyone wants to try some off languages :D you're all invited either way!

my queer activism rests on the notion that human beings deserve better than to have a sexuality

My new novel, NON-PLAYER CHARACTER, is live on Kickstarter!

Can six TTRPG nerds in their 30s find their way home from a fantasy land -- and do they want to?

Boosts appreciated. And please do check it out! ^_^


medical expences, not having money, asking for donations 

My body is not exactly in cooperative mode, and I need someone who knows how bodies in my state need to be maintained to do some maintenance on it.

I've been postponing this because it's expensive. Postponing getting health care is not very healthy, so if anyone want's to chip in a bit I'll be eternally thankful.
My donation links are (one time) or (also one time, but it looks like it's recurring)

Did a video about basic awk usage. Forgot to record at 1080, so it's a bit fuzzy. Fuzzy's good, right?

My special #PeerTube instance geared towards creators is up and running. I'm in the process of migrating over myself, before I shut down my personal instance.

Still looking for creators interested in putting videos on it. Feel free to DM me! In the meantime, check it out:

status: silently freaking out inside because having to interact with humans tonight and tomorrow afternoon.

(humans = my bubble friends. i love them. they're great. but they are still people. people are weird.)

hannah gadsby is <3

"i always thought that i couldn't sort out my life like a normal person because i was depressed and anxious. but it turns out i was depressed and anxious because i couldn't sort out my life like a normal person. because i was not a normal person and i didn't know it."

i love it that mastodon is filled with weird people. you're all great.

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