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i made an INFOCAT so my friends are less confused when i talk about my cats.

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this is what happens when you send poets to war.

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received some wonderful birds from @olivia today ^_^ amazing as always

expected more of this video. don't know why. turned out to be too reformist well-intentioned white american. no interesting insights at all.

disappointed now.

fucking hell prof. wolff at 1.25x speed is still too slow

i have a fucking gastritis i'm not supposed to get pissed of at people on the internet

europeans are mostly nice but when they aren't they are utterly fucking annoying


(my apologies to the good germans, but the bad germans can be REALLY bad)

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when someone asks something and you answer and they go on explaining why that makes no sense and for a moment you thought the person was genuinely curious about it.

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@olivia selfie bootcamp
05:30: wake up
06:30: warm up
07:00: breakfast
08:00: selfie theory class
10:00: applied selfie methods
12:00: lunch
14:00: selfie stick techniques
16:00: group selfies with walking selfie focus
18:00: dinner
20:00: 2009-2015 happy pop songs concert
22:00: sleep

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"Like, nobody ever went up to Matt Damon and be like, 'Hey Matt, thanks for representing the whites.' It sounds weird. That's like a different conversation for some reason, you know? If somebody came up to me being like, 'Hey Jimmy, I'm representing for the whites,' I would leave that town immediately and never come back."


this account officially hates all halloween bullshit.

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Hellooo! :ACNH_Love:

Como muitos já sabem, estou concorrendo a uma bolsa de intercâmbio pela Soul Bilíngue! :irmao_do_jorel:

Uma nova campanha de arrecadação começou, com uma novidade:
A cada doação de R$11, você ganha um ponto para concorrer a uma viagem de R$800 pelo Brasil, pra onde você quiser!

Seu apoio é muito importante para que eu seja uma dos jovens intercambistas! ✈️

Se quiser saber mais sobre o projeto, chama aqui! 😜

Você pode ajudar, também, boostando esse toot. :blobheart:

i love these mpow x3 earbuds. they cheap, they good.

latency is shit but just don't watch videos and it's fine (i don't watch many videos anyway).

noise cancelling is quite light, which i actually find great because too efficient noise cancelling makes me dizzy and sick apparently. listening to stuff without anc turned on is already somewhat noise cancelling since it's an in-ear sort of earbuds.

never had such fancy earbuds before.

health stuff (-) 

been having meltdown after meltdown and just been feeling shit and angry and exhausted in general and i don't know if this is

lack of my usual cbd oil that is awaiting bureaucracy bullshit to get acquired
air is too fucking dry and there's too much dirt dust and it's too hot and maybe it's some wild allergy crisis
some post-covid shit going on (don't even have confirmation i had covid though, but it's possible)
ritalin dosage too low or too high or

this is hell I'm so tired

it terrifies me when the water bottle starts making weird little noises through the cap.

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