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i made an INFOCAT so my friends are less confused when i talk about my cats.

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this is what happens when you send poets to war.

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Blog like nobody is reading, I guess. Works best when there is nobody reading…

gee, i'm not even making sense anymore.

i like the light, but i hate artificial lighting. good thing we put warm lighting on most of the house, but still it's TOO MUCH.

online therapy in which you show the therapist the sole of your foot and she shows hers back to say hers are dirtier.

i say this is a good session.

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had great therapy session. happy.
but happy.

fun useless fact about me:

i have a lot more grey hair on the left side of my head.

trucking, anyone?

gonna stream some euro truck simulator 2 :)

it's not like i'm UNREACHABLE or anything.

also in this town, you know, stop by my door and yell my name, that also works.

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also there is something oddly satisfying about telling people sorry, my tablet is dead, i have no whatsapp, can you please send me an sms, email or telegram?

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so now i have a red dumbphone and... well, an e-reader. can't say it's super easy to let go of lying in bed looking through pinterest or some other nonsense with the tablet but i think i might learn something in the meantime.

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i'm mobile-less these days because my tablet battery decided to go PUF. the only thing i really can't have without mobile is whatsapp and honestly, fuck whatsapp.

i think i have all the games i want. what do i do now? play them?

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huuu i managed to put on my piercing alone without a mirror, NINJA.

i am back from the real world. don't recommend it.

part of me wants to dress like a teenage boy, another part wants to dress like a 7-year-old girl.

because this time i'll leave my squishies home, the city makes them dirty and sad.

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