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this is what happens when you send poets to war.

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are we still doing wenbiesday? i need to practice my selfies.

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@olivia 😂 ✋ here I am

"endless selfies" 👈 that's the answer honestly.

But: put on the 3 or 5 sec timer, look at the camera not the screen, and turn on the 3x3 composition grid option if available, in the camera app.

i now have a proper smartphone and can take endless selfies but i also realized i'm not good at taking selfies. not good at all.

where's @cadadr with those selfie classes?

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Few days ago I received these amazing original arts from @olivia We love it! Soon enough it will be hanging in my office!

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dystopian fiction where humans gradually devolve into yoga teachers

Countries coloured by their "Individualism"

[i can see how opinions would vary on this but i'd NEVER want to live on a blue country.]


don't bite your knees, oli.

also i used to say bluetooth headphones were dystopia bullshit but i have them now and

i kinda... like them

it's nice having a smartphone with a battery that lasts 2 days.

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