i made an INFOCAT so my friends are less confused when i talk about my cats.

@Juju all street cats in this town are sort of cousins i think 🤔

@olivia you could make an alignment chart

although all of them may be chaotic evil

@coffeverton hahaha not sure if they are all chaotic evil, but they might be over 50% chaotic, that's for sure 🤔

@olivia bad at meowing? 2 times crazy? Not a cat? Sits on things? Dislikes all cats but like people? Shy but takes a lot? Purry baby bad at meowing? 😩

@sidd_harth0_5h4h hahaha she is crazy twice that one, it was on purpose.
her meowing sounds like a sheep with a throat ache.

the purry baby can't properly meow because he purrs-meow ;)

and pipoca is shy with other people mostly, but even so she'll be chatty from a distance.

Wow! 8 cats! 😻

Lost mine 3 weeks ago after being together 16 years and a half. Pondering if I'm ready to have a new one (or many?) into my life.

@normand yee, it's hard, isn't it? :(

but there are many stray cats where i live, and i just end up thinking they had a good life with us, and while they are here they give so much love. and why should i not keep giving this good life and love to more cats? love is why we're here in this world anyway ;)

Yes. I gave him all the love I could and I think he returned it in kind. He annoyed me countless times, but I couldn't stay angry at him for more than one second. And I'm sure I annoyed him as well at times. 😄

I may have sounded like I wasn't sure I wanted to adopt another cat ever again. I certainly do, just don't know if it's too early. Not many stray cats where I live, in a suburban area. There are in more central areas, they're picked up by local shelters and put to adoption. I've started looking at shelter websites. But I just don't want to pick one (or more) cat(s). I want them to choose to come with me too... If it makes any sense.

@normand <3

i totally know what you mean. all my cats happened like this. they simply showed up, one way or another. i never PLANNED on having eight cats hahaha.

but if you're a cat person, you'll seen start missing their presence ;) and if you go to a shelter and there's a cat there waiting for you, you'll know!

@olivia we have just one cat, and even then find it hard to always avoid to step on a paw or a tail; how do you cope that with 8?

@Chris big house! hahaha

and being extra careful on the stairs in the morning when going to feed them.

@olivia when are you going to do a set of cats paintings??? I would get ALL your originals 😄

@olivia I am...each one on different days, I love this! 😀

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