can you guys recommend me blogs and podcasts on neurodivergence, preferably by neurodivergent people? specially on autism and adhd :) i need more fuel to feed my little current obsession :blob_spin:

(english, spanish and portuguese content ok!)


Here's their YouTube page:

And their main page:

Most of their content is on the Birdsite and Farceberk, mind you.

@olivia something like HowToADHD on youtube? She talks about tools (both technological and cultural) she finds that she finds helpful in struggling through a world that is not built with neurodivergence in mind:

If you prefer RSS feeds I also have an article to help you out:

@uniporn thanks! :) i find it a bit hard to concentrate to watch VIDEOS, but i'll take a look anyway!

@lilletale @uniporn ahhh, interesting. her website doesn't seem to have much, though.

@olivia @uniporn I often end up not watching the video, I think her videos also mostly work on an audio-only fashion :-), totally worth a shot!

@olivia @uniporn also, great article on using RSS for YouTube. On android devices I totally recommend NewPipe though, makes that super easy:

@evilham thank you, glad you like it ☺️ Also thanks for the recommendation, I'll keep it in mind for when that fits my use-case :)

@olivia My spouse has been listening to LadyHD "A podcast in which a lady with ADHD interviews ladies with ADHD about being a lady with ADHD"

links to blogs about autism/by autistic people 

@azzi thanks! i'll take a look at them all!

Hoping this link will work for you, it's not working on my phone right now (if it doesn't work, please lmk and I'll mess around on the computer later)

I had special interest in autism for like 3 years and collected a *lot* of bookmarks and this is uh, a solid chunk of them. (Also cryptpad will load slowly, just fyi)

@certifiedperson nice :blob_cat_heart: I'll take a look. i usually have issues opening cryptpad on mobile too, so I'll try on desktop tomorrow and I'll let you know!

@olivia Oh bummer, I thought we'd made sure to bookmark the share link, but I guess that wasn't adequate. Or maybe we didn't actually do that and just thought we did, heh.

D'ya wanna give this one a go?

@certifiedperson omg this is awesome <3 i'm showing this to my husband, is that ok?

@olivia You already checked the stream of which could have many pointers?

There were threads about both of the symptoms that you mention recently.

This one it's in Spanish, but it's really beatiful written and I personally like it a lot ^^
It's about a girl with Aspergers who reflect on her daily life, a sort of diary with her thoughts. I hope you enjoy it <3

@olivia Tribo TDAH, o único podcast em português dedicado ao assunto.

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