what's a good dvd ripper program for linux?

@alsternerd thanks, i've seen about that one, haven't checked it out though. it's been ages since i needed these things >.<

@olivia MakeMKV? Gets the files from the DVD and puts them in a MKV container. Nothing more.

@PraetorCreech yeah, i don't need much more. it's some dvds that were made from old vhs, so it's nothing fancy.

@olivia Well, maybe you still want to encode the files into something which needs less space. You could try handbrake for that.

@PraetorCreech i copied them all to .iso files just to be safe now, so yeah, now i want to turn them into files that are easy to share etc. handbrake is looking like the best option :)

@hanser this does seem like it's the best option, gonna get it and try :)

@olivia honestly I just use dd (after using VLC to open the disc so it can negotiate a key handshake with the drive firmware). It doesn't remove the CSS encryption or anything but it's absolutely trivial to break at playback time so I don't even bother with it.

Blu-Ray discs are a different matter, but MakeMKV handles them nicely.

@gnomon i used dd for making the iso, but then i wanted to turn it into a mkv or mp4 and used handbrake. it's some old childhood videos that my mom had transferred from vhs to dvd and i wanted to make sure i had some extra backup of those.

@olivia MakeMKV for ripping and Handbreak for encoding.

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