i do find it hard to understand how can people suffer with the heat when the temperature is like 28-30 celcius, but then i get really really cold with any temperature below 20, so i guess we can try and agree that we have different limits, right?

@olivia Humidity plays a big role. It's ~20 here, maybe a bit more, but the humidity makes it like 40. It's like 90% humidity here...

@cadadr humidity only makes a difference for me (as in making it seem hotter) when it goes above 30 >.<

@olivia for sure - i live in canada and work with people from brazil, and we've had people travel both ways. it's a big climate shock, *especially* if someone from brazil visits canada during the colder months, or someone from canada visits brazil during the warmer months.

@kepstin yikes! :)

but then i also think our bodies are pretty good at getting used to different climates. i remember when i was in argentina and if it got to 14 degrees in the winter i'd also think "hey, it's nice and warm today!" hahaha ;)

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